The Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household Review

It’s a fundamental truth; health is wealth, and it should become your highest priority. Many people only become concerned about their health when they fall ill; health problems can be easily managed through health resources. Health resources help individuals stay updated on the best treatment options and medical programs or alternative medicine. If you might wonder where to find this resourceful information on health topics, you should consider the Home Doctor. The Home Doctor keeps you updated on the essential medical supplies and natural treatment remedies that can be applied and used at home. More information on what it is and how to purchase the Home Doctor is provided below.

What is the Home Doctor?

Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household is an eBook and physical book sold exclusively online through

The book was created by many health researchers and doctors, including Dr. Maybell Nieves, Dr. Rodrigo Alterio, and Claude Davis. The trio wanted to create “a practical guide for when there is no doctor, pharmacy or hospital available.”

Inside this massive 304-pages physical book you will discover the DIY medical procedures and vital medical supplies you need to have on hand to take care of common health problems and emergencies at home, while waiting for an ambulance to arrive or in the next crisis when doctors and medicines may be hard to come by.

Dr. Maybell, one of the authors, is known for developing new, ingenious methods of treating her patients after Venezuela’s economy collapsed and hospitals and pharmacies ran out of medicines, supplies, electricity and even running water.

The methods Maybell and other doctors in Venezuela invented and pioneered are now being studied and applied in conflict zones all over the world. Many of these inexpensive procedures do not require any medical assistance as they are specifically designed to be self-applied, so they should also help anyone cut down on medical costs while things are still OK.

But they become most valuable when the medical system cannot be depended on, like during long term blackouts, economic collapses, riots, hurricanes and other disasters. As you’ll discover these methods inside The Home Doctor you’ll probably start to realize why every household and family should keep them close-by.

What’s Included in The Home Doctor Guide?

While medicine is a vast space, The Home Doctor Guide focuses on the practical medicine people need in their day-to-day lives. The book outlines the basics of all medical supplies that people should have in their homes.

It includes all the emergency protocols and possible mistakes to avoid in a crisis. For example, it outlines what one should do in case of a heart attack. It shows the symptoms of heart attack and all the necessary steps that one should take before help comes.

Additionally, the book contains powerful information about antibiotics people should have in their homes, which they can use without a prescription. It warns users of the dangers of taking expired medicine. Overall, between the covers of The Home Doctor Guide are pages packed with information on utilizing nature to our advantage.

People have been using traditional medicine derived from nature to cure various illnesses long before modern medicine was invented since time immemorial. The Home Doctor Guide aims to rekindle this knowledge, so people can discover all the little things that nature offers.

What Will You Learn in Home Doctor?

The Home Doctor gives a small preview of the different information you can learn if you purchase the 304-paged book. This information is very important and can even help in saving a life.

This is a layman’s guide that you can use when help is not on the way. There is information in this book that can help you manage common ailments and can also prevent you from getting diseases, colds and coughs. Here is some information you’ll get to learn about:

10 Medical Supplies You Need to Have in Your House: Medical supplies run out quickly in an emergency. Instead of waiting until it’s too late, you should buy medical supplies today to ensure you have them when the time comes. Most medical supplies and pills on store shelves come from China and India. When supply chains get disrupted, it can make it difficult to find medical supplies. In-Home Doctor, readers will discover ten medical supplies they need to have in their house. The team explicitly recommends the painkiller Naproxen, which is over-the-counter and more potent than ibuprofen.

The Best Natural Painkiller You can Grow in your Own Backyard: Your backyard is home to a natural painkilling plant. Many people in Venezuela turned to this plant after their local pharmacies ran out of painkillers. Fortunately, the plant grows all over North America and Venezuela, making it easy for you to stock up on the natural painkiller before it’s too late.

The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in a Blackout: Electricity has become a scarce and unreliable commodity in Venezuela. They don’t always have it, and blackouts have become a regular occurrence. You’ll also learn about the most common medical blunders people make during blackouts, as well as how to handle crucial drugs that require refrigeration, such as insulin or Humira.

How to Recognize a Heart Attack and What to Do Next: Recognizing a heart attack early could save your life. In-Home Doctor, you can discover the early warning signs of a heart attack, including pressure in your chest; discomfort or pain in your jaw, back, neck, arms, or stomach; shortness of breath; and cold sweat, nausea, or lightheadedness. If you experience even two of these symptoms, then you may want to call an ambulance. Before the ambulance arrives, the authors of Home Doctor recommend chewing on aspirin and pouring a vial of nitroglycerin under your tongue. You need to keep these items in your house for them to be readily available and valuable.

What Happens When Taking Expired Medication: There are probiotics available on the market today, but choosing the wrong one might be harmful to your health. This section will explain the distinctions between good and harmful bacteria, as well as how to obtain the ideal bacteria for a healthy lifestyle.

The Only 4 Antibiotics You Should Stock: Modern antibiotics are lifesavers, and they prevent a common cold from turning into deadly pneumonia. They avoid a simple cut from becoming a life-threatening infection. These natural antibiotics contain distinctive substances that work in different ways to target bacteria. It’s unlikely you’ll encounter bacteria that withstand all four. By having these bacteria at home, you can give yourself the best possible chance of survival.

How to Stockpile Prescription Medications Like Insulin: Stockpiling medicine can be the difference between life and death in an emergency. However, it cannot be easy to stockpile medication safely. In-Home Doctor, you can discover an ingenious way to stockpile prescription medicines like insulin. You can start using this system immediately for insulin and other medications that are notoriously hard to stockpile.

How to Quickly Recognize and Stop a Stroke: When dealing with a stroke, time is crucial. Spotting a stroke early can prevent lifelong damage. In-Home Doctor, you can discover the fastest way to recognize a stroke – and the one thing you must do immediately to improve your chances.

Home Remedy for the Flu and Other Respiratory Issues: The Home Doctor has a section on treating the flu and other respiratory issues at home. The authors describe this treatment plan as “a simple protocol” you can use at home if you don’t want to go to a hospital or cannot. The plan targets high fever, coughing, and other symptoms of flu.

The Unnoticed Symptom That May Point to an Internal Inflammation: This part will teach you more about bodily signals that indicate whether or not you have concealed inflammation. This will save the worst from happening and ensure that you receive the necessary treatment and first aid.

Here is some other information you can learn in The Home Doctor:

  • The 1-Minute Stretch That Relieves Most Back and Neck Pains
  • A Natural DIY Antibiotic Salve Recipe to Keep Around
  • How to Perform a Complete Breast Exam at Home
  • How to Use Leeches Medicinally Just Like Folks 100 Years Ago
  • An Ingenious Eggshell Remedy and 25 Others Made from Things People Usually Throw Away
  • The Best Way to Tell if an Arrhythmia Is Benign or Dangerous
  • How to Remove an Ingrown Nail

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How to Use The Home Doctor?

Home Doctor is a 304-page book of remedies, natural treatments, and other solutions. Some of these remedies can be found in your backyard. Others can be found in grocery stores. You may already own some of the ingredients used in these remedies.

Inside Home Doctor, you’ll discover:

  • Practical tips
  • Precise diagrams
  • Step-by-step instructions

By taking advantage of this information, you can become a home doctor yourself. Home doctors are self-reliant people who can take care of themselves and their families when needed.

Why Choose The Home Doctor Book?

While medicine is a huge subject, The Home Doctor Guide concentrates on the medicine that people require in their daily lives. The book explains the fundamentals of all medical supplies that should be kept in people’s homes.

It contains all of the emergency protocols as well as potential blunders to avoid during a crisis. It explains what to do in the event of a heart attack, for example. It outlines the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, as well as the measures to take before seeking medical assistance.

The Home Doctor Guide home remedy ebook contains a selection of easy and practical first-aid solutions. It provides a person with the information he needs to choose between professional help and self-treatment.

It also explains how to enhance personal cleanliness, cleanse water, set broken bones without medical help, and naturally treat common disorders including diarrhea, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The step-by-step directions and sketches on how to do simple yet life-saving operations like setting broken bones, stitching wounds, and treating burns are the focus of The Home Doctor Guide.

The home doctor book also demonstrates how to assemble a medical kit for your own and others’ protection at home. It includes suggestions for what goods should be included in this pack to save lives in the event of an emergency. It also contains instructions on how to produce herbal wound healing remedies, recipes for treating the common cold and flu symptoms, the best ways for treating bee stings, and how to build a fire without matches or lighters, among other things.

Every ailment in the book is detailed in detail, including all of its symptoms. This helps to avoid misdiagnosis or mistreatment because you’ll know what you’re up against before you start treating yourself.

Benefits of The Home Doctor Guide

The Home Doctor Guide has more than 300 pages of natural solutions to real-world medical problems. Here are the benefits of using this resource:

  • It helps save lives where urgent medical attention is not readily available. For example, it shows how to deal with toothache without seeing a dentist.
  • It facilitates self-sufficiency in the families when households can make decisions to combat common illnesses or injuries before professional help comes.
  • It teaches simple methods that they can apply at home to prevent future occurrences such as high blood pressure. This helps them avoid regular checkups at the doctor’s office.
  • It makes families safer by teaching them how to deal with medical emergencies at home before expert help is available.
  • It helps families save on medical expenses by managing common injuries and illnesses at home using natural remedies or self-care.

Home Doctor Pricing

To purchase The Home Doctor, you will have to visit their official website. You can choose between the digital copy only or the digital copy plus the physical copy.

When you purchase The Home Doctor, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee that comes with it. You can read more about their refund policy on their official website.

Here is the price list of The Home Doctor:

  • Phyisical & Digital Book – $37 + $9.99 Shipping Fee
  • Digital Book – $37

The digital book of The Home Doctor is accessible to any device, whether it may be a phone, laptop, tablet, or PC. There are also 2 additional gifts that come with The Home Doctor purchase, which are:

  • Wild Edibles You Can Forage or Find Around Your House
  • Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans.

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Final Word

For thousands of years, our ancestors used natural remedies to treat problems. In-Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household, you can discover practical remedies you can implement today.

The information in Home Doctor is designed to help when you are unable to access standard medical infrastructure. Some of the information was developed based on a doctor’s experience in Venezuela, who saw the breakdown of medical infrastructure firsthand.

To learn more about Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household or buy the book online today, visit the official website at

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