Green Alternatives To The Air Conditioner

This year’s summer is one of the hottest ever: have you reached the limit of endurance too? Here are some alternative solutions to the air conditioner

The use of the air conditioner is the subject of debate often and willingly even very heated. What we do know is that they need a lot of electricity to work, which leads to an increase in air pollutants. That is why there is more and more interest in alternatives to the air conditioner.

Why avoid using the air conditioner

Recent studies have shown that air conditioners are in first place in the United States as the main item of energy expenditure. At the same time, the electricity that air conditioners need to operate is largely produced by coal-fired power plants.

Consequently, every time a person turns on an air conditioner, it automatically contributes to worsening the air quality. In this way, not only the number of sick people increases but also that of deaths.

According to other scientific studies, the greater the consumption of electricity, the higher the number of victims linked to the exponential growth of air pollutants.

It is estimated that thirteen thousand more deaths may be recorded in the United States of America alone in the coming years. A thousand of these as a direct consequence of the use of air conditioners.

All this, as it is easy to guess, leads the state of health of our planet to worsen year after year, despite the continuous struggles carried out by free citizens and non-governmental organizations in this last period.

The question is very simple: a greater demand for fresh air coincides with an above-average warming of the Earth, precisely because the energy used by air conditioners comes from fossil fuels. It is a vicious circle from which it is increasingly difficult to get out, with all the negative consequences that this entails, both from the point of view of people’s health and that of the planet.

Below you will find a series of useful tips for cooling your home without air conditioning.

Green alternatives to air conditioning

Here are some tips to cool the environment, the best way to embark on a virtuous path if you are wondering how to make a home eco-sustainable.

Buy an evaporative cooler

The evaporative cooler is one of the most popular innovative air conditioning systems of the last period. It is a water fan or fan with ice, whose operation is based on a simple fan and water (or ice) stored in a special tank.

This device is in great demand among the alternatives to the air conditioner, even by those who have been wondering for some time now how to cool a small room.

Take countermeasures to the outside climate

Another way to cool the house without an air conditioner is to take some small steps during the day to adapt the house to the outside climate.

One of these, for example, is to close the blinds or lower the blinds when the sun beats down on the windows (especially when this occurs in the afternoon, the time of day when the temperature reaches its maximum).

Another precaution to take is to let fresh air pass through the windows at night, when the temperature drops, thus favoring the cooling of the air inside your home without having to use the air conditioner.

Furthermore, if you have a garden, even a small one, you can think of installing an awning, another of the most popular alternatives to the air conditioner. There are many types on the market, even automatic ones, which allow you to lengthen or shorten the size of the awning to your liking, based on the position of the sun and light.

Install a floor where water passes through pipes underneath

The other solution, less economical than the others but very effective, is to install a floor with pipes underneath to circulate the water. You will only use renewable energy, thus reducing subsequent expenses.

It is a solution that is well suited to both the summer and winter seasons. You will make the temperature inside the house more pleasant during the hottest months of the year, and warmer in the winter season. To try.