Top Houseplants for Anxiety, Depression and Stress Relief

We are experiencing an anomalous period due to the after-effects of the coronavirus which puts a strain on our balance. Gardening, even just on the terrace or balcony, if you are not lucky enough to have a garden, becomes a moment of leisure, even a little therapeutic.

Taking care of plants and seedlings is a great time to relax, to be outdoors, to focus on something else and counteract moments of depression.

Not only for this forced quarantine, but also in all those moments where we are not psychologically fit, here are the best plants that bring a good mood and help us feel better.

1. Oregano

In addition to being an excellent aromatic plant to use in the kitchen, it is also, thanks to studies in aromatherapy , an excellent help to regain good mood and counteract depression. 15 cm pots are enough for each oregano seedling and if it grows a lot, you can then transplant it and use a larger pot. A nice spot in full sun is ideal, but no stagnant water, so be careful when watering. It suffers a little from the cold, so you will have to pick it up at home in winter and always have it fresh for the kitchen and always appreciate its scent and keep a good mood.

2. Borage

This plant also used in the kitchen, as in many Ligurian preparations, is originally a weed that grows free, but it can be safely sown in pots. Its continuous production of pretty blue flowers allows for new seeds to be used for sowing the following year. This perennial floral production and the pleasant color certainly bring a smile even during unhappy times. There are no particular indications, it is good in the sun or in partial shade, do not get it too wet and no stagnation. You can use leaves and even flowers to flavor your salads or other dishes but sparingly, too much goes to burdening the work of the liver.

3. Lemongrass

This plant, so called because its scent is reminiscent of citrus fruits, is mainly known as a mosquito repellent but it is also an excellent plant to lift morale thanks to aromatherapy studies. It can be placed in a pot, preferably in sandy soil, and it also becomes a beautiful decorative bush even 70-80 centimeters high. Its place on the balcony or terrace is in full sun, in deeper than wide pots and watering must be without excess to avoid stagnation. To appreciate its benefits, simply touch it and you will smell its scent. In winter it should be protected, even taking it indoors, it does not tolerate the cold.

4. Geranium

The geraniums for years they have been a tradition in the balconies of all of Italy, lately they have lost some charm, but they are always a beautiful plant that brings color and above all a good mood. So let’s put them back on the balcony or terrace, there are many types, from the classic ones, to ivy geraniums to those defined imperial to the odorous ones. Economical and low maintenance, however, they need a sunny balcony or terrace, 20cm of space for each plant. They can’t stand excess water, so wait for the earth to dry before wetting them. Remove from time to time the dried leaves and flowers that have finished their course. They are also an excellent mosquito repellent, as well as a mood aid. In winter they must be withdrawn or adequately covered.

5. Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley is the perfect plant for those who have a balcony or terrace that is not particularly sunny. Its cultivation requires only a few small precautions, you need to have a nice large pot even if not particularly high, and the bulbs must be buried 4 or 5 centimeters and spaced 7 or 8 cm apart. They are planted in early spring, the important thing is that they have light but not the sun directly. These small clusters of white, or slightly pink, bells have a wonderful scent that is often used as an essence, Stella McCartney is in love with it and uses it often in her perfumes. Thanks to this aroma they help a good mood and being perennial, you will find them every year. After flowering, you can always leave them outside because they can even withstand winter frosts.