Neuropathy No More Review – Best Way To Deal With Neuropathic Pain

It’s hard to appreciate how significant the burden of arthritis is unless you’ve had to live with it. The pain can be excruciating, and it can feel as though it effects your life endlessly. Luckily, many people have learned ways to better manage arthritis. Here are some of the tips that they’ve shared.

If you have rheumatoid arthritis, measure your pain. Use a scale of one to ten to let yourself know how difficult a new task is for you to accomplish. Take a measurement before the task, and again after. This will let you know how that task is effecting your body, and your life.

Watch out for co-morbid condition, especially depression. Arthritis and depression can lock you into a feedback loop: you’re tired and in pain, so you can’t do the things you love, which makes you more upset. Being upset then leads to symptom flare-ups. If you think you are depressed, speak with your doctor about a referral to a psychiatrist.

For those who suffer from osteoarthritis, it is important that you have enough Vitamin C in your diet. Medical research has shown that Vitamin C reduces pain in osteoarthritis patients and helps prevent it in young people. You can get Vitamin C from many fruits, such as oranges, or you can take a supplement.

As simple as it may seem, it is important that you flex your muscles at least one an hour, if you suffer from arthritis. Sitting or standing in one spot for too long can cause your joints to cramp up and give you pain. For 5 minutes, stand on one foot, with the other pushed up against the wall and then, switch feet.

Use light exercises and stretching to prevent further joint damage and pain from arthritis. light exercise avoids excess strain on the joints and you will find that it creates more limber and flexible joints that are conditioned for healthier activity. With stretching, you are giving yourself more flexibility for common activities you will encounter without causing pain from inflamed joints.

Find a hobby that you can easily perform. Many people who suffer from arthritis spend their days wishing they had something they could actually do, and you can prevent this boredom by searching out your own new hobby. Whether it is painting or dancing, having something to get you moving will keep you healthy.

Find a rubber mat to place at your stove to help prevent back and leg pain while you are standing and cooking. These buoyancy of these mats help keep pressure off of your legs which will do wonders for keeping your body feeling healthy. Buy one as well for in front of your sink to use when you are washing dishes.

Learn good posture. The better your stance, the less stress you put on your joints. Ask your doctor for tips on gaining the best posture you can, and work on it daily as a routine. Once you develop good posture, you will feel less pain in your back and knees, as well as your feet and neck.

Research studies show that wearing high heels can increase the chance of arthritis in women. It applies increased pressure on the heels and the joints in the feet. This is not good over an extended period of time. While high heels are something that women choose to wear for style and other reasons, you may want to reconsider putting a pair of high heels on.

Vitamins A, C, and E as well as omega fatty acids are great ways to help fight against arthritic pain. It is not recommended that you start taking every vitamin known to man, Instead a good multivitamin or a couple of doctor suggested individual vitamins can do the trick too.

Arthritis takes many forms and can include Rheumatoid, Psoriatic or Osteoarthritis. Each of these three types of arthritis requires a different treatment approach.

Make an appointment and speak with a physical therapist about designing a safe and accommodating fitness program to relieve arthritis pains. You must teach yourself how to exercise correctly, as well as how to stretch properly, in order to avoid injury. Exercising not only builds stamina and strength, but it can help range of motion with your ailing joints.

If you are having trouble walking because of arthritis pain in your legs, ankles, and hips, try using a cane. Using a cane will help take almost 20 percent of your body weight off of your lower body joints. Some people will associate a cane with having a disability, but if it will reduce your pain, who cares what anyone else thinks.

You cannot plan when your arthritis will flare, so plan your activities accordingly. If you prepare and plan for arthritis problems before they happen, you will not be disappointed if symptoms show and you have to take a break. If you start an activity, try to make sure you can end at any point so that if you have an arthritis flare up, you can come back to it later.

Do not discount the benefits of counseling when dealing with arthritis. In seeking counseling or support from groups you will not only find ways to enhance your thinking and coping methods. You will also build your knowledge base of information from others who have been dealing with their condition or from professionals who can help alleviate the stress and anxiety that accompany this condition.

Nutrition is essential in all lifestyles, especially that of a person who is plagued with arthritis. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as healthy oils. You can nerve pain find oils in fish or by adding olive oil to your dishes. This will improve how your body functions, and increases vitality. Boosting your vitality boosts your energy and metabolism, both of which fuel fitness and activity that can suppress and prevent arthritic symptoms.

What is Neuropathy

As stated earlier, Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves causing pain, tingling, and numbness of the legs, toes, or arms. Neuropathy has several types, which are named depending on the nerve they attack in the body. The most common ones are;

Peripheral Neuropathy

This type of Neuropathy affects both the feet and the hands, causing loss of balance. It is a form of Diabetic Neuropathy.

Autonomic Neuropathy

Neuropathy affects the nerves that control the involuntary function in our bodies like digestion, heartbeat, and urination.

Proximal/Thoracic Neuropathy

Proximal Neuropathy is almost similar to peripheral Neuropathy, but the difference is, proximal Neuropathy attacks the nerves in a specific section like the legs or chest wall.


This affects any single nerve anywhere in the body or damage that happens to a single nerve; normally, it’s a nerve close to the skin and near a bone. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the best-known forms of mononeuropathy.

Even though neuropathies are of different types, one common thing about this condition is that it affects the nerves around the body.

What Causes Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a very peculiar disease that’s caused by other illnesses. Some unrelated health issues occur in the body, and neuropathy is a side effect. We sometimes have a good idea about what the other diseases might be. Often, we do, and sometimes we don’t. If you’re having problems controlling your blood sugar, nerve damage will very likely occur. Neuropathy is a well-known side effect of a form of an immunity disorder. Chronic inflammation is common in the Western world, and one of its most common side effects is nerve pain. In reality, there is a slew of disorders that may trigger neuropathy. We may develop neuropathy before we are aware of the underlying condition that is causing it. That’s because the doctor hasn’t picked up on the disease yet. Neuropathy is the first indicator that something is seriously wrong within the body, such as an underlying illness.

Symptoms of Neuropathy

Julia states that you can get neuropathy without noticing the underlying condition. Neuropathy is only an indicator that your body is diseased. The common symptoms exhibited are:

  • Sharp or burning pain
  • Weakness of muscles
  • Lack of coordination
  • Paralysis caused by affected motor nerves
  • Numbness and tingling arms or feet
  • Digestive problems
  • Blood pressure issues

You should seek medical care immediately you notice the above symptoms because they can have grave consequences. Early diagnosis and treatment could save your life by managing the symptoms and minimizing damage. Next, we will review remedies for neuropathy.

How Can You Escape Neuropathy?

Remember that there is a straightforward approach to neuropathy. Loss of your gut bacteria induces disease, which contributes to neuropathy as a side effect. Therefore, things go like this, Jodi says:

Gut Problems > Neuropathy > Disease

First, the health of the gut matters the most in the chain of events. Maintaining gut wellbeing addresses all of the chain’s ties.

What is Neuropathy No More?

Studies have found that the main contributing factors of neuropathy are high blood sugar, chronic stress, excess weight, exposure to chemicals, vitamin deficiencies and chronic inflammation. However, this also means that you can start managing your condition and even eradicating your symptoms by making simple changes that coincide with these main driving forces.

Neuropathy No More is a life-changing program that teaches you what changes to make and how to make them to start tackling your neuropathy symptoms at the source to eliminate them for good. It’s a comprehensive program broken into a four-part regime, which is based on the studies stated above. about high blood sugar, chronic stress, excess weight, exposure to chemicals, vitamin deficiencies and chronic inflammation all being driving factors. So, there is a large emphasis on making positive changes in your diet and lifestyle, specifically.  However, you won’t be “dieting” by any means. You aren’t counting calories, eliminating all the things you love to eat or any of that. Instead, it’s all about making changes and eating properly to manage blood sugar, excess weight, exposure to chemicals, vitamin deficiencies and chronic inflammation. You’ll also be using your lifestyle to tackle these main contributing factors as well. As a whole, your mental, physical and emotional health are all a part of the healing regime. I’ll delve into the details in just a moment but it’s important to emphasize that all of the changes are simple, easy adjustments. The program even puts everything together in an easy-to-follow four-part protocol that consists of:

  1. Diet
  2. Supplements
  3. Movement
  4. Mindset

In addition to that, Neuropathy No More also provides you with an abundance of valuable information that can be used to further understand and heal your symptoms. Some of the topics covered are:

  • How your central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems work
  • How the nerves communicate with other parts of your body
  • The different types of neuropathy
  • Why neuropathy develops
  • The different standard treatments available and why they fall short
  • How you can transform your diet to balance blood sugar
  • Tips for reducing chronic inflammation
  • The most nutrient-dense carbohydrates, proteins and fats to get into your diet
  • The best nutrients and supplements that support healthy nerves
  • How daily activity protects and repairs nerves
  • The transformative power of the mind
  • Simple daily habits you can do to help prevent nerve damage and to support a healthy nervous system

All of this is available to you as soon as you purchase, which is a breath of fresh air for anyone dealing with neuropathy or potential symptoms because they’re so debilitating.

Who is the Creator of Neuropathy No More?

The creator of Neuropathy No More is Jodi Knapp. He is one of the reputed health researcher and naturopath. Over several years he had researched on several powerful remedies for neuropathy. Later on, he has penned down all the researches and results into a form of eBook. He believed that his research can help a lot of people. As you may already know, the neuropathy is a deadly disease. The program curated by him can help you or your loved ones to finally get some relief from the unbearable pain that this condition brings.

How Well Does Neuropathy No More Works For You?

It is important to exercise, but you need to ensure that you are performing the right type of exercising for your body. In addition to maintaining your flexibility, regular exercise ensures that your body stays in a healthy state. Low impact workouts are perfect for arthritis sufferers. This type of exercise improves inflammation of the joints. But always make certain that you don’t push yourself and cause more pain. If you ever experience any pain while exercising, stop immediately.

You should consider aromatherapy to calm some of the pain from arthritis. Aromatherapy can help you relax your muscles and joints, it can also help your pain from other arthritis symptoms.

Exercising can help you manage your arthritis symptoms by helping you to lose weight. Weight loss can help your joints function more efficiently and help keep those symptoms under control. Talk with your doctor about setting up an exercise plan that you can do safely on a routine basis.

Learn ways to adapt to your child’s need to play without injuring yourself or making your rheumatoid arthritis worse. If your child wants to play on the floor, try sitting on the bed or on the stairs to give yourself a break from trying to get up and down from the floor.

What’s Included In Neuropathy No More?

The Neuropathy No More program aims at healing, eliminating, and recovering you from neuropathy using the four elements – diet, supplements, movement, and mindset.

You will get ample information in the e-book, which will teach you about the ins and outs of neuropathy and nerve health.

The plan also gives you a complete and step-by-step regimen that combines all healing procedures into one simple schedule.

This entails the necessary instructions for bringing the positive changes described throughout the Neuropathy No More program, such as healthy habits, natural supplementation recommendations, easy exercises, meditation activities to be completed, delicious recipes, and so much more.

Let us give you a quick go-through idea of which topics will be covered in the Neuropathy No More program.

  • How does the nervous system work?
  • Different types of neuropathy
  • The best diet that heals you
  • How to reduce chronic inflammation?
  • The best supplements that make the nerves healthy
  • How do your daily physical activities repair your nerves?
  • What role does the power of your mind play in recovery?
  • How to change your diet to regulate your blood sugar?
  • What are the routine habits that can help you prevent nerve damage and keep the nervous system healthy?
  • How do nerves communicate with different body parts?

Visit the Blue Heron Health News website to learn about Neuropathy No More

Benefits Of Neuropathy No More

Neuropathy No More benefits include:

  • Total recovery from neuropathy
  • Tackles tingling and numbness in the feet, thighs, and arms
  • Promoting pain relief and muscle health
  • Balancing the blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels in the body
  • Increasing energy levels and vitality
  • Supporting metabolism
  • Promoting gut health and boosting digestion
  • Fighting diseases like hypertension, obesity, and diabetes
  • Improving heart health
  • Boosting sex drive and function
  • Providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Providing anti-bacterial and antiviral properties
  • Providing stress relief
  • Improves overall health and wellbeing through efficient metabolism, digestion, and gut health

Neuropathy No More Pros & Cons

Even though it is a one-of-a-kind book and there are plenty of benefits you get from using it, there are bound to be some cons to it like any other product. So, here are some pros and cons of the eBook mentioned below:


  • The eBook saves a lot of time and effort for the readers since they don’t have to research the topic anymore. This one book provides them with all the information.
  • The exact quantities and combinations of the food items being mentioned help with getting the accurate level of nutrition.
  • It provides a list of items that you should eat less for a speedy recovery.
  • Since it is an eBook, you can read it anywhere and on any device.
  • It does not ask the readers to go on diets or some strict routine. It only provides a list of food items for consumption that are easily available in the local supermarket.


  • If you don’t have a good smartphone, PC or laptop to read it digitally, you have to pay for the printing cost for a physical version of the book.
  • Even if you have a busy schedule, or if you cannot multitask, you will have to put some independent time into reading this guide for a complete idea of the condition of Neuropathy.

Neuropathy No More Customer Reviews & Complaints

The Neuropathy No More guide is a simple and effective guide against Neuropathy. It provides the readers with a concise description of the disease and also helps them fight against it.

Neuropathy No More eBooks have been all positive so far. Several people suffering from the illness have expressed their satisfaction with how the eBook has helped them to deal with it.

Many others have said that they are very pleased with the fact that the writer does not prescribe any extravagant treatments. As per Neuropathy No More reviews, all the processes are simple and the items listed are affordable.

How Much Does Neuropathy No More Cost?

The Neuropathy No More program cost about $49. The program comes in the form of a digital/eBook. Therefore, as soon as you pay for the order, you will have instant access to it. Available in digital format, the book allows for unlimited downloads so that you can share it with your loved ones. Additionally, you will have access to frequent updates free of charge. You don’t have to worry about repeated costs, subscription fees, or renewal fees when you purchase the program.

Our Final Verdict

As we all know, neuropathy is one of the most painful diseases which can make people suffer a lot. Even though medical science has progressed a lot, it could not really found a solution for this condition. This is because the condition is deep routed. You have to make sure that you are changing some of the lifestyle patterns to get relief from the symptoms. The Neuropathy No More is exactly what you need for that. This program is quite helpful and can provide you with all the important information that you will need to ensure better life without the symptoms.

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