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If you are a piano enthusiast, but having some problems while grasping to play it perfectly, then you will just love the way you are gonna learn to master the piano just like a piece of cake with the help of Piano for all. Read this article “Piano For all Review” to know more about an ingenious way to learn piano.

Piano for All: A Brief Overview

Learning piano has never been this easier. Piano for All is a program that provides step-by-step instructions to build a solid foundation of chords and rhythms while still helping you play by ear and sight-reading.

This method blends keyboard diagrams and musical notation with media clips in order to emphasize each point. As you progress, you are presented with the musical staff that shows what you have been playing. So, you have your progress report with you. Isn’t it amazing?

The musical staff is actually printed on a paper in an easily decipherable format, allowing you to understand the notation visually. Once you complete learning how to play songs using chords and improvisation, you will then be learning shapes and patterns in note reading.

Everything in Piano for All is arranged in a way it should be. Completely systematic. I achieved my piano learning goals in 14 weeks. It sounds too much but, trust me, when you work 9-6, five days a week, it is a really short time. I spent only 20-30 minutes daily practicing piano.

If you are someone who thinks learning in person is better than any online or offline tutorial, then let me tell you’re right. But, you know, everything has its pros and cons. With tutorials, you can learn at your own pace, repeat the video lectures as many times as you want. And what I liked most about the tutorial is that I was able to practice at my convenience, unlike in-person coaching where they ask me to come at the same time every day.

What Does the Program Offer?

To start with, this course consists of 9 eBooks, 200 video lessons, and 500 audio lessons. Basically, it provides a complete piano lesson service. No matter if you’re just starting out to learn piano like me or you already have a good knowledge of piano, these books and lessons are intended for everyone.

The Nine eBooks

  • Party time/Play by Ear/Rhythm Piano: This book starts with teaching piano chord ballad, keyboard diagrams, tricks, bluffs, and formulas. Additionally, you will learn 10 party rhythms.
  • Blues and Rock ‘N’ Roll: Now that you have learned the basics of piano, it’s time to play some great Blues and Rock ‘N’ Roll music on your piano. You will learn to play the sounds of Fat’s Domino, Jerry Jee Lewis, and other great pianists.

  • Chord Magic: This book completely focuses on teaching piano chords using amazing memory tricks. You will learn how to change chords quickly using inversions. It contains a piano chord chart and a few speed learning exercises that can help you master your chords instantly.

  • Advanced Chords Made Easy: Now that you have learned the basics of chords, it’s time to skill up. This book contains a rhythm chart for 80 Beatle songs along with some great Beatles piano stylings.

  • Ballad Style: Once you have grasped a good hand in chords, you are now ready to create a ballad style in 3 easy steps. Now you’re ready to create and improvise your own melodies.

  • Jazz Piano Made Easy: Jazz is the most popular piano genre. This book teaches you everything about jazz music and how you can play jazz tone on your piano easily and quickly.

  • Advanced Blues and Fake Stride: This is an extended version of the second book which taught you the basics of Blues.

  • Taming the Classics: After reading this book, you will be able to combine your chord knowledge with sight-reading to master the traditional classic tones.

  • Speed Learning: Did you know, it can speed up the learning process? This book contains a lot of fun exercises and memory tricks that can improve your skills furthermore.

Video Courses

It is because of these videos that I was able to achieve my piano learning goals. I am not much of a reading type of person and that’s why I liked these video tutorials even more.

It contains a set of 200 videos which is great for both beginners and experts. In fact, most people learn faster when they see a video when compared to reading. These videos explain all the techniques you need to play the piano.

Robin shows where each cord is on the keyboard and how you can play and master each chord. The only problem here is that you will need to fix your smartphone or laptop in front of your piano or keyboard.

Claims Made by the Developers

According to the developers of Piano for all program, the system allows you to learn all about chords. It also states that majority of the songs are made up of chords. When you learn playing different chords, all you need to do is to add some rhythm and you might be able to play any type of music. The program is pretty interesting and the first lesson contains some details about a few of the most popular songs to indulge your attention.

The Hype about Piano For All

Piano for all claims that it is so well defined a program that anyone can learn playing a piano through it. This has created a lot of hype on the internet as people are getting really interested in seeing if it actually works or not. Keeping in view the customer reviews posted on the official website of the program, it appears like a winner so far.

The Cost of the Program

Piano for all is available for a price of $40 for the whole package. It offers 200 different comprehensive videos covering different aspects of piano learning. Moreover, there are 10 different eBooks along with one bonus book as well. In case you are interested in getting a CD rather than a link to the resources, you could get that by paying another $10. So for $50, you will get a CD and an online link to all the reseources offered by piano for all. The program is being sold using Click Bank. The best part about this system is that it comes with a money back guarantee of 60 days which makes it a risk free investment.

Commitment Required by Users

Even if piano for all makes it very convenient for the users to learn playing piano, the users still need to put in a good amount of time to learn the required techniques. This suggests the fact that you would have to get a piano in order to learn and practice the stuff taught by the program. This whole information may appear to be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, the best way to start off with it is learning about different chords. This excites you about the whole process of learning and you develop an even stronger will to learn all about how to play piano like a total pro. Then your momentum will keep on giving you the right push until you master the art of playing a piano.


  • Comprehensive material covering all parts of piano learning lessons.
  • Over 10 hours of multimedia.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.


  • Hard to cover the whole material.


Piano for all provides its users with more than 200 videos of different types but what makes it highly effective is its eBooks. They contain first hand information on how to play piano properly. There are fine details on playing different chords to different songs very accurately. The books focus upon the mainstream popular songs as they are the ones that catch the attentions of every one. Impressing people with piano skills is not an easy thing to do. As a matter of fact, it is pretty hard. So playing popular songs gives you the edge that people are already into them and they just try to sing along and enjoy your music as it jogs their memories for the original track.

Majority of the people go with the opinion suggesting the fact that learning how to play a piano requires you to spend lots and lots of time with a piano teacher that watches all your moves all the time. This kind of learning technique was good in the past. But its days are over now and it is being considered outdated now. Today’s world is a technology oriented world and its best if we make the most out of it in all walks of our lives. That being said, piano for all is one of the finest platforms that offer one of the best learning experiences regarding how to play pianos.

Final Verdict

Piano for all is in fact a great system that is created to help you learn how to play piano very accurately. The program is designed in a way that it steps you up after the completion of every chapter. This approach makes sure that you are having progress with the learning process. The developers of the program have tried to develop it in a way that is equally beneficial for all kinds of learners regardless of their learning background and experience with pianos. So if learning how to play piano has been a dream of yours for quite some time now, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to feed that urge in an effective manner.

In order to wrap it all up it may be said that learning how to play a piano is made easier by Piano For All. It comprises of first hand knowledge on how to play all kinds of music on a piano without having to go through a lot of trouble. Available for a price of just $40, the program is a great opportunity for people who have been longing to learn about pianos for quite some time now. The program also features a 60 days money back guarantee which suggests the fact that there is nothing to lose here.

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