Explore Weight Loss Science of Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT)

Brown adipose tissue used to be a part of the body scientists only saw in infants and small children. This layer of fat made it possible to regulate body temperature, and researchers believed that there was no need for it as an adult. However, BAT (which is also simply referred to as “brown fat”) has become one of the trending topics in the weight loss community nowadays. How did this protective layer in infancy evolve into a solution for obesity and fat loss?

Brown fat or Brown Adipose Tissue has gained tremendous popularity in the weight loss industry. Supplements like Exipure helps to boost the brown fat in the body, and it clearly shows that the fat is essential.

According to experts, brown fat provides a shortcut to weight loss by burning calories naturally.

When a person gets cold, the body burns brown fat to keep the body warm. Some people may think fat is bad for weight loss. However, according to studies, brown fat is good for weight loss. Brown adipose tissue facilitates real and sustainable weight loss.

If you want to know more about brown fat, keep reading this review to understand what brown fat is, how it works, and how to raise its levels in the body.

Why is Brown Fat Special?

Brown Adipose Tissue is found all over your body, and it is a special kind of fat that helps produce heat in your body when it gets cold. The brown fat is activated to keep you warm, and in the process, it generates heat. This is known as thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is a process that is essential for fat burning. This is because it boosts your metabolic rate and calorie burning. It means that your body can burn more fat than usual even when at rest. BAT is an excellent shortcut to reducing excess body weight.

According to current research, brown fat:

  • Help a person stay warm
  • Help balance appetite by managing levels of leptin
  • Allow people to burn fat and lose weight easily
  • Help balance blood sugar and insulin
  • Increase energy levels throughout the day
  • Boost metabolic rate and make it easier to burn calories throughout the day

Apart from that, one study proved that individuals with high levels of BAT could burn up to 200 calories in a day. Due to all these reasons, people believe that brown fat is an excellent shortcut to burning excess body fat.

How Does Brown Adipose Tissue Work?

The reason that brown adipose tissue has this distinct advantage for consumers is due to the increased mitochondria than white fat simply doesn’t have. In any science class, the teacher will tell students that the mitochondria are the cell’s powerhouse, and that concept is essential to the function of brown fat cells. They act as strong engines that create heat through the use of calories.

The body triggers brown fat through temperature changes. When the body gets cold, it generates norepinephrine hormone. Brown fat contains norepinephrine receptors, which sense the hormone and alert the mitochondria within the brown fat cells to produce energy.

Some studies show how brown adipose tissue works, pointing that it could be essential for weight loss. However, more research is still needed to expose more about this tissue.

How BAT Helps With Weight Loss

BAT is suitable for weight loss as it contains fat-burning properties. It can be well utilized to help get rid of excess calories, and the best part is that it allows you to lose weight even when you are at rest. Burning through these calories while the body isn’t active will stimulate the deficit needed to shed the weight.

All the same, brown fat stands out for its method of burning calories for fuel. Brown fat compels the body to burn both calories and regular fat for energy. This makes it extra special for weight loss using thermogenesis to boost weight loss results significantly.

Boosting Adipose Tissue

According to several studies, lean people often have more brown adipose tissue than obese or overweight people do. All the same, it’s possible to raise brown adipose tissue levels in the body by engaging in regular physical exercise and maintaining a healthy diet.

Exercising, in particular, is essential for increasing BAT levels in the body. This is because it allows you to build brown adipose tissue in the entire body. When levels of BAT are evenly distributed throughout your body, it becomes easy to lose weight through thermogenesis.

Brown Fat vs. White Fat

Two main types of fat exist in the human body—white fat and brown fat. Both types of fat serve different purposes. Generally, white fat is bad for weight loss. On the other hand, brown fat facilitates weight loss.

White Adipose Tissue (White Fat)

White fat or white adipose tissue is usually what consumers refer to when they say that they want to shed weight. This fact accumulates in many areas of the body, keeping the organs insulated as it wraps around the torso and the other regions. However, having too much white fat is detrimental to the individual’s health. It puts them at risk of developing heart disease and diabetes problems, positioning them even closer to an early death.

Brown Adipose Tissue (Brown Fat)

Brown fat or brown adipose tissue contains iron-rich mitochondria, which is why it has a brown color. With brown fat, the cells are activated during exposure to cold temperatures because it tells the body to warm back up. This warming process uses extra calories and burns through fat as an energy source to keep the body healthy.

When thermogenesis occurs due to cold, your body is forced to burn excess fat and calories in the entire body. Years back, weight loss experts believed that about 5% of a baby’s weight is made up of brown fat. But research has also shown that adults have a minimum amount of brown fat reserves in their bodies. Minimum quantities of brown fat are located throughout the body, but high brown fat concentrations are in the neck and shoulders in minimum deposits.

Ways to Raise Levels of Brown Fat

Every person is born with some brown fat, known as constitutive brown fat. Everyone has this type of fat at birth. However, there’s room to build more brown fat. Some of the body fat is considered “recruitable fat”. This fat can be converted into brown fat with the help of weight loss pills like Exipure for example.

This type of fat is found in the whole body, especially in the white fat and muscles. Converting the recruitable fat will significantly help you lose weight. The following are science-backed up methods to raise brown adipose tissue levels in the body as per the peer-reviewed research;

Cool Off

Keeping a cool ambiance in the home can help users to require more brown fat from their bodies. Typically, the temperature only has to drop down to about 66˚F (19˚C) for at least two hours. Some people bring themselves down to these temperatures with an ice bath or a shower, though all individuals should take these actions carefully.

Reducing the thermostat at home or even going on a winter walk can trigger the transition to brown adipose tissue for people who don’t want to be in such proximity to icy water.

Consume A Lot Of Food

Is it possible to lose weight while eating a lot of food? Well, that is what brown fat experts are suggesting. In one mice study, experts proved that the mice who ate a lot of food had higher BAT levels compared to the ones who ate an average amount of food.

Even after the mice ate plenty of food, they stayed lean because they had more brown adipose tissue in their bodies. The mice were also skinnier and healthier as compared to the under-eating mice. What’s surprising is that the overeating mice had zero risk of experiencing metabolic diseases and obesity. Even though overeating may cause excessive weight, it can help you create brown adipose tissue.


The easiest way to trigger the transition of brown adipose tissue is to engage in regular exercise. Studies show that people who often exercise have more brown adipose tissue than less active individuals. Working out creates irisin, which is a protein that helps white fat convert into brown fat. A sedentary lifestyle causes the body to produce less of the protein, which means that the person is likely to have more white fat.

Aerobic interval training is beneficial to individuals that want to convert to brown fat. However, further research is still being pursued to get a complete picture of how brown fat is impacted by physical activity. Luckily, the research using lab mice is highly promising.

Take Advantage of Genetics

Brown fat development could be linked to a person’s genes. Some studies show that people with a particular gene expression have more brown fat than those with a different gene expression. Similarly, researchers have associated brown fat development with another protein.

In one study, researchers discovered that Ebf2 (Early B-cell factor-2) protein plays an important role in brown fat development. In the same study, mice with higher levels of Ebf2 recorded a higher conversion of white fat into brown fat. Researchers also discovered that brown fat cells took in more oxygen, an indication that brown fat produces heat, burns calories, and helps with weight loss.

Taking Mirabegron

Even though there are no specific supplements or medications that specifically build up brown adipose tissue, it seems to be an indirect effect of a medication called Mirabegron. Mirabegron, a prescription drug for individuals with overactive bladders, has consistently been linked to higher levels of brown fat.

In one study, the researchers gave a total of 15 healthy men either the bladder medication or a placebo. The researchers found that the medicated men had more brown fat and metabolic activity than the placebo group. This result means that the men had more brown fat in their bodies by the end of the trial than they did before it. The researchers also learned that the resting metabolic rate of the men was about 203 calories more each day, setting them up for weight loss.

As for white fat, the medicated group of men experienced more stimulation in their white fat cells, helping to promote weight loss in another way.

Brown Fat Could Help Manage the Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease

Brown fat stands out for its weight loss properties. Additionally, some studies reveal that brown fat could help manage the risk of diabetes and heart disease. For example, one review confirmed that brown fat actually burns calories and helps control blood sugar while improving insulin levels. This could lower the risk of diabetes.

The research available within the scientific community is substantial, already finding that brown fat burns calories. However, the effect is so much more. Consumers with a lot of brown fat maintain better control over their blood sugar levels as they improve their insulin reaction. This small benefit is enough to help many people to prevent diabetes. Some studies show that brown fat also reduces the risk of high cholesterol in the bloodstream, which is directly associated with heart disease. Those looking to get ahead of this brown fat weight loss phenomena and increase BAT levels may opt to use Exipure weight loss supplement.

Final Word on Brown Fat

Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is redefining the way people approach weight loss. Exipure is a recently launched nutritional supplement that seeks to help users boost their BAT levels naturally, using clinically verified ingredients. Also known as brown fat, brown adipose tissue burns more calories compared to regular white fat.

This makes it easier to lose weight. According to studies, people can lower their BAT levels in various ways including exercise, exposing the body to cold temperatures, and eating more food. When BAT levels increase, the body turns into a fat-burning furnace that creates a shortcut for effective weight loss.

Exipure formula is one supplement that claims to increase BAT levels. The supplement has been clinically tested and scientifically proven. But apart from that, exercising, consuming more food, and exposing your body to cold temperatures can help increase levels of brown fat.