8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan Review

The Custom Keto Diet program by Rachel Roberts is an 8-week meal plan guide that helps users start and optimize the ketogenic diet no matter if male or female. Found exclusively at YourCustomPlan.com, the Custom Keto Diet quite literally asks consumers if they would like to know exactly what to eat to lose fat and get healthy without giving up favorite foods or caloric restriction.

The premise of Rachel Roberts’ Custom Keto Diet is based on users not committing 4 simple mistakes that sabotage health and stall fat loss. The solution of course, is the Custom Keto Diet personalized keto meal plan that caters to the user’s specific bodily needs, goals and even taste buds. The Custom Keto Diet ketogenic meal plans are truly based on the famed diet and are made to induce the metabolic state of ketosis, known to help burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

Here is a deep dive review of the Custom Keto Diet by Rachel Roberts that examines whether or not the 8-week ketogenic meal plan recipes guide can actually give users an unfair advantage at losing weight and burning fat.

About Keto Dieting

The keto diet has gotten a lot of attention in the last few years, and there are scientific studies to back it up. While there may be a lot of debate in the wellness community, the creators behind Custom Keto Diet turn the attention to the conclusion that the British Journal of Nutrition came to when they meta-analyzed 13 trials:

“Individuals assigned to a VLCKD [very low carbohydrate ketogenic diet] achieve a greater weight loss than those assigned to an LFD [low-fat diet] in the long term; hence, a VLCKD may be an alternative tool against obesity.”

Primarily, the user can eat many of the high protein and high-fat foods they enjoy – like bacon and eggs – while still losing weight. The regimen, regardless of the plan created for the individual user, helps with fat burning, is straightforward, eliminates hunger cravings over time, and requires no exercise.

Mistakes of Dieting, and How Custom Keto Diet Helps

Rachel explains that there are four fairly common mistakes that consumers make when they diet that can keep them from losing weight. Those mistakes include:

  • Not being in a calorie deficit
  • Severe calorie restriction
  • Thinking all calories are created equal
  • Following an unrealistic, overly restrictive diet

While the body needs to consume fewer calories than it consumes to burn through the stored fat, no one should go through extreme restrictions to their calories to create this deficiency. Without enough calories in the body, the metabolism drastically slows down to preserve itself. There needs to be enough of a deficiency in calories to create a demand, but not so much of one to create such a huge gap.

The type of calories consumed plays a considerable role as well because consumers need to eat foods that are high enough quality to act as fuel. Still, consumers should be able to eat foods that are easy to make and realistic to incorporate into the user’s lifestyle. For someone who has constant obligations for their time, quitting a diet that is demanding is much more likely.

As a solution for these problems, Custom Keto Diet brings forth a meal plan that caters to the user’s goals, current situation, starting physique, and even their personal food preferences. It eliminates the need for guesswork, and it allows users to have foods that they still enjoy as they shed the weight. The creators develop the meal plan for the user, which is entirely based on a ketogenic-style program and includes minimal to no carbs for each meal.

What is 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan?

Unlike other dieting regimes, 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan is personalized with foods, ingredients and nutrition that you need to achieve your goals, whether it’s to lose weight, to build muscle, to maintain your current weight, you name it. The entire system is online and as you’re about to see, it’s much more of a lifestyle guide than it is a “diet” because you really don’t have to restrict yourself of the things you love. Instead, it’s about providing your body with what it needs to thrive, which can be done with low-carb, high fat foods. Yes, that means butter and bacon are allowed!

All joking aside, 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan is an online program that provides you with a customized action plan for transitioning into the ketogetic lifestyle. With it, you receive all of the information, recipes, meal plans and cookbooks needed to succeed throughout the next 8 weeks and well after. To give you an idea of what you can expect, here’s a sneak peek at the different components:

  1. Keto 101 Video and eBook
  2. Your Custom Keto Diet Plan
  3. Keto Bacon Recipes
  4. Keto Fat Bombs
  5. Keto Party Snacks
  6. Keto Superfood Smoothie Recipes
  7. Keto Peanut Butter Threats
  8. Keto Savoury Foods
  9. Keto Chocolate Treats
  10. Keto Avocado Recipes
  11. Keto Desserts
  12. Keto Cookies
  13. Fast Keto Recipes
Keto Cookbooks Download Page (Preview)

The greatest part is that you receive immediate access to all of this as soon as you purchase – there’s no need to wait for shipping to start conquering your dreams.  Instead, you just log in and fill out the questionnaire that allows the program to provide you with a customized meal plan. Then, you download the content right into your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. This means that you can take the program with you wherever you go, whether it’s to the grocery store, to the kitchen, to the gym or to the couch to lounge out.

Now, if you’re new to the ketogenic diet or don’t know much about it, no need to worry, as you have two months to try it out with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Who Created the 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan?

Custom Keto Diet was created by Rachel Roberts who had an extraordinary experience that led her to a ketogenic diet. It was along with her holistic team that included chefs, nutritionists, dieticians, and fitness consultants that she formed this plan. It took about 8 weeks for the program to be formed.

Her reflection on how every individual requires a customized diet for their body is the reason she decided to create the Custom Keto Diet Plan. most often people follow diets without having much knowledge of what best fits them. From her research and experience, she learned that a ketogenic diet can be customized and tailor-made for individuals and hence came up with the plan.

How Does Custom Diet Keto Work?

The Custom Keto Diet is an adaptable framework that builds your chances of being steady with the program – always sticking with the plan against all odds. You will not consider surrendering in light of the fact that you are not forfeiting a lot. It does not confine you to a bunch of rules that you probably won’t have the option to follow.

It works in a two-step approach. It would initially attempt to capture your way of life and afterward let you pick the sort of meals you can eat. It has choices for vegetarians and also for the unapologetic nonvegetarians.

The process of ketosis starts within a week, and you will see significant results in the eight weeks.

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Who Is It For?

Adult men and women who want to lose weight and eliminate the fats stored in their bodies are very much welcome to try the Custom Keto Diet program.

Rachel Roberts, the creator of Custom Keto Diet, has specifically engineered and customized this diet plan for you.

Individuals who want to lose weight in a natural and safe way should follow the Custom Keto Diet program.

Pregnant and nursing women are not allowed to follow the Custom Keto Diet program because it needs them to restrict their diet, which can be unhealthy for the baby or for the pregnant woman.

For people suffering medical conditions and are asked to eat healthy, please consult your doctor first before following the Custom Keto Diet program to ensure your safety.

What You’ll Get in the 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan?

8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan is a comprehensive system designed to guide you through the process of transitioning into the ketogenic diet while also teaching you, so you know exactly what to do once the program is done. Unlike other systems that set you up on a path that requires you to constantly come back (and pay) for results, this program focuses on providing you with healthy eating habits that you can continue with after you have completed the 8-week program.

As such, you receive an abundance of valuable information that teaches you the ins and outs of the ketogenic diet – from the basic information to the benefits; from the keto-friendly foods to the ones to avoid; why and how to make substitutions and much more. At the same time, you’ll also be learning and trying new recipes that are specifically selected for you based on the information you enter about your lifestyle, exercise, food preferences and goals. So, as you’re working towards your goals in an easy-to-follow system, you’ll also be learning what you need to understand the process and how to keep it going on your own.

Preview of how the custom meal plan looks like

To give you a better idea of just how comprehensive the system is, here’s a look at the different topics covered and what you can expect to receive:

Video Library

  • An A-Z of Everything You Need to Know About the Ketogenic Diet
  • Introduction to Keto
  • What is the Ketogenic Diet
  • Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet
  • Keto Diet and Blood Pressure
  • What Do I Eat On a Keto Diet
  • How Does the Keto Diet Work for Weight Loss
  • Getting Started on the Keto Diet
  • Keto Recipes
  • Keto Tips, Hacks and Conclusion
Video Library (Preview)

You also receive:

  • Shopping lists for each week
  • Day-to-Day recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Nutritional breakdown of every recipes and meal
  • Portion sizes
  • Option to swap meals that don’t appeal to you
  • 11 cookbooks
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You also receive a list of recommended supplements and where to get them to enhance your health, if you choose to go this route. Lastly, there is a section that breaks down the commonly used ingredients in the recipes provided in the Custom Keto Diet Plan with direct links on where to get them. All can be found on Amazon, making it quick, easy and convenient to add into your pantry.

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Advantages of Custom Keto Diet

Most people who follow regular diets do not understand the impact of insulin on weight loss. This does not allow the body to burn fat effectively. When you follow a keto diet and avoid carbs completely, your insulin levels drop significantly. This boosts the ability of your body to burn fat for a longer duration. This is proved to be better than a low-fat diet that many people follow while losing weight.

While following a custom keto diet plan, you will not stay hungry. This is the reason why you will be able to stick to this diet plan for a longer duration when compared to other diets that force you to eat less food during the day. The keto diet is more focused on avoiding carbs and maintaining a decent calorie deficit rather than keeping you hungry.

The keto diet works even when you are not able to exercise while losing weight. However, it helps you to lose weight easily when you add a simple exercise regime to this diet plan. The keto diet improves good HDL cholesterol in the body, which can reduce various health conditions in the body. As this diet keeps insulin production under control, it is also effective in managing type 2 diabetes.

Where to Buy Custom Keto Diet Plan & Cost?

You can only buy Custom Keto Diet Plan from the official website. Get all this at a reduced price than what you have to pay when working with a personal nutritionist. Get the plan at a limited time discount offer of $37. Bonus: you get instant access so there is no waiting around. You can get started right away.


Ketosis is actually a part of the body’s normal biological processes. The diet itself is not something new. In 1923, Dr. Russell Wilder created it to treat epilepsy. Today, it’s widely popular for its ability to aid weight loss.

There are many versions of this diet. Regardless of which type you choose, it’s important to work together with your doctor through the entire program to make sure you maximize its benefits and avoid mild to severe side effects.

Regarding Custom Keto Diet, there’s usually no harm in trying it, and we didn’t find any reports from customers about serious side effects when following it. With that said, we will recommend keeping your expectations realistic and remember that the keto diet isn’t an easy diet to follow.

In general, if you’re suffering from a serious medical condition, if you expect this to be completely free from side effects, or if you plan to use this to treat a certain medical condition (without medical supervision), then the Custom Keto Diet might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a complete and effective keto meal plan, if you want to speed up your weight loss, or if you simply want a diet plan that doesn’t leave you hungry, then the Custom Keto Diet is a great option to consider.

Best of all, with the 60-day money back guarantee from Rachel Roberts, there is really nothing to lose when giving her diet plan a try for a few weeks.

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