7 YouTube Workouts For Beginners That Range From HIIT To Yoga

Starting classes in a new sport is like a first date: it’s always a little nerve-wracking and if there’s no wave, one feels uncomfortable, but if the attraction is mutual, the chances of starting an unforgettable romance are high. And so that this process of starting as a beginner is not so complicated, here we leave you 7 routines that are very different from each other and that range from HIIT, through yoga, cardio dance, barre, kickboxing and Tabata exercise routines for you to choose the what else do you like. Plus, you don’t need equipment.

Beginner Low-Impact Cardio | 15 Minutes

15 Minute BEGINNERS YOGA | Real Time | Full Sequence

Beginner Barre Workout – TONE UP | Rebecca Louise

5-Minute Beginner Dance Cardio Workout with Our Girl Tori ~ Love Your Body!

20 Minute *Beginner Friendly* Cardio Kickboxing Workout with Modifications

Acro Yoga for Beginners with Koya Webb

Beginner Tabata Workout – Full Body, No Equipment Needed