What Vitamin Helps Keep Teeth And Gums Healthy?

Gum issues are common oral problems many people deal with. Oral diseases such as periodontal diseases can significantly wreak havoc in the mouth, destroying the jaw bone, ligaments, and connective tissues. About 90% of the US population suffers from oral disease. Luckily there are multiple solutions to such oral problems, one of them being supplements.

What Vitamin Helps Keep Teeth And Gums Healthy? Two of the most popular supplements, according to most users, are excellent solutions, are ProDentim and Dentitox. In this article, we’ll explore both supplements to help you decides whether either or both are suitable solution for you.


With over 3.5 billion advanced complex probiotics and other ingredients, ProDentim is a doctor-developed supplement, according to the manufacturer.

Generally, ProDentim is a relatively new oral supplement in the market, and surprisingly, it has taken the internet by storm. Many people, especially in the US, are actively using it and even recommending it to their family members and friends. So what makes this supplement stand out from the crowd?

How ProDentim Works

The manufacturer behind this supplement guarantees that it Shields the body from allergies and promotes good oral health. ProDentim primarily targets the gums and the teeth.

Plus, it lessens the effects of pollutants in the mouth while improving overall healthy microbiota. Keep in mind that every tablet contains ProDentim strains which promote healthy gums and teeth.

The strains are known to not only help improve your oral health but also maintain and restore oral stability. Fresh breath, strong white, and healthy teeth are some of the oral benefits you should expect from this oral supplement.  Generally, this supplement aids your guns and teeth root with high cell reinforcement content.

According to the Official ProDentim site, the probiotic strains in ProDentim immediately start to saturate your body once you’ve taken the pill. Once your body achieves a certain amount of good microorganisms, benefits to expect include;

  • Improvement in stress management
  • Cholesterol enhancement profile
  • Boost the body’s natural energy source
  • Improved gut immunity and metabolism


As previously mentioned, this supplement is a propriety blend of billions of probiotics in addition to plant-based ingredients. Some of the ingredients and compounds making ProDentim what it is included;

Inulin: Inulin is commonly identified as a weight loss compound as it helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Inulin is considered a primary ProDentim ingredient since it promotes the multiplication of good bacteria in the mouth. Inulin is a naturally occurring compound found in fruits and vegetables.

Lactobacillus Reuteri: This is a lactic acid bacterium whose primary role is to restore the good bacteria in your mouth.

Malic acid: this compound is majorly synonymous with skin care products. According to scientific research, it helps whiten teeth and rejuvenate dead skin cells.

B. Lactis bl-04: as one of the gut’s most precious bacterium, B. Lactis promotes smooth bowel movement. Most importantly, it reduces the side effects of antibiotics.

Peppermint: this is mainly popular for freshening your breath. Some evidence suggests that it also helps in fighting gum infections.

Dicalcium Phosphate: this compound helps maintain your oral health in general.


Dentitox Pro is a nutritional supplement that helps improve general health, but most importantly,  oral. Its popularity has tremendously grown over the past few years, plus many doctors,  dentists, and periodontitis also recommend given its blend of natural ingredients. Without further ado, Let’s look at how Dentitox works.

How Dentitox Works

As already mentioned, Dentitox claims to be 100% natural, and it doesn’t comprise artificial preserves or ingredients. This supplement claims to not only support and maintain your oral health but also transform and restore it. The official product’s website outlines that as a user,  you’re free to consume any food of your liking without worrying about gum inflammation, cavities, or pain. Moreover, it also claims to shield you from any severe periodontal disease.

Dentitox comprises a complex blend of natural extracts, vitamins, and minerals. Per the manufacturer, the supplement has 100% Recommended dietary intakes of Vitamin D3, K2, and C. Other ingredients it contains include; Cinamon extract, elderberry,  cinnamon, and sage.

Surprisingly, this supplement also contains ingredients you wouldn’t typically see in a dental supplement ingredient profile. Typical examples include MSM and collagen. These two compounds rebuild and repair your gums from the inside out. Like ProDentim, Dentitox also has a breath-freshening ingredient, peppermint.


some of the Dentitox ingredients in-depth are:

Xylitol: this is a naturally occurring substance in fruits and vegetables. It’s also produced by the body naturally. Xylitol is widely substituted for sugar and is commonly found in sugar-free mints and chewing gum. Studies show that it helps prevent cavities and tooth plaque but mainly helps keep your breath fresh.

Licorice: for centuries, this ingredient has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat gum disease and tooth decay. That’s why it’s an essential part of Dentitox.

Cinnamon: traditional medicine recognizes cinnamon as a crucial ingredient for managing diabetes and inflammation. Some research shows that cinnamon prevents tooth cavities and eliminates infections brought by germs.

Elderberry: This compound is popularly known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Some scientific evidence shows that it reduces gingivitis. Europeans widely use this ingredient to treat colds and flu. Elderberries are significantly rich in antioxidants and vitamins C, which help in maintaining healthy inflammation levels.

Sage: the antioxidant level of this shrub promotes gum health and immunity. Research shows that mouthwash containing sage effectively eliminates oral cavity bacteria.

Final Thoughts

The best way to keep periodontal diseases and other dental diseases at bay is through regular brushing and flossing. Remember to brush at least twice and floss once per day. Keep in mind that these supplements are for adult use only. So, persons under 18 should refrain from using any of these supplements, no matter how bad their dental situation is.

Experimenting with supplements is highly discouraged. Aside from oral benefits, these supplements also have other benefits such as improving immunity, reducing inflammation, boosting metabolism, and many others. Advisable, it’s best to consult with your doctor on using the supplements in case you have an underlying medical condition.