What Is The Pineal Gland And How Is It Used To Enhance Creativity?

The pineal gland, the size of a lentil, is located in the center of the brain and fulfills very important biological functions, since it is responsible for the production of melatonin, which affects the modulation of sleep patterns, both in the circadian and seasonal rhythms. It is also known as the hormone of youth because it eliminates free radicals from our cells, that is, it is a natural antioxidant that delays aging, in addition to its great immunological power against most diseases. Today we tell you everything about this key gland to enhance your creativity.

In addition to its biological functions, different currents of self-knowledge and personal transformation, which investigate what science has not yet been able to verify, consider that the pineal gland is a kind of spiritual button that connects us with other dimensions, with the potential of our emotions.

The Gland of Spirituality

In the great spiritual traditions and civilizations, the pineal is known under different names, in India it is known as the Third Eye and in Egypt, as The Eye of Horus. For his part, the philosopher Descartes called it “the seat of the soul” and others link it to the chakras.

In the 90s, Chilean journalist Fresia Castro began a spiritual pilgrimage that led her to live for more than a decade in the Atacama Desert. There he developed this method of internal activation of the pineal gland, through which he ensures that we can recover our original creative potential, obtaining, among other benefits, a decrease in stress levels, a feeling of increasing peace, restful sleep, emotional balance, greater concentration. It is a method based on three fundamental pillars: science, spirit and the wisdom of ancestral peoples.

In the last 28 years, this technique expanded from Chile to the entire American continent and to Spain. In Argentina, intensive seminars are held throughout the territory to learn how to activate the pineal gland.

Why Activate the Pineal Gland?

“It is the regulator of the regulator, since all the cycles of our body are controlled by the pineal gland: menstrual cycle, sexual development cycle, sleep and wake cycle, among others,” explains Federico Caivano, certified instructor of the Cyclopea Method of internal activation of the pineal gland, a discipline that seeks to expand all the unexplored possibilities attributed to this area of ​​the brain.

Despite all the virtues of the pineal gland on a physical level, it happens that its development is atrophied at an early age in children. Between 6 and 10 years old, it reaches the limit point of melatonin secretion and from there it begins to decrease.

Thus, according to the Cyclopea method, it is considered that to enhance and continue benefiting from the functions of this gland it is necessary to activate it again.

Federico Caivano explains that as we grow, our immune system weakens, our physical body begins to slowly deteriorate, we lose the ability to have that restorative sleep that is characteristic of childhood (we no longer sleep “like a baby”). At the same time, our creative capacity is modified and we lose that natural connection with a higher energy and we begin to feel like victims instead of creators of our reality.

How the Pineal Gland Influences Our Actions and Decisions?

It happens to many people that although they have a happy life, they feel a permanent emptiness. They are looking for something that completes them and they don’t know what it is. This permanent uncertainty governs them and generates discomfort. By raising the vibratory frequency it is possible to answer that question, it is the way that being can find its true purpose.

Federico assures that we are creators of our lives. We are creating all the time, even those situations that are difficult for us to go through are also the result of our creative acts. What makes the difference is the vibrational frequency in which we are at that moment.

Through feelings we can check at what frequency we are moving. The lowest frequency feeling is fear and from there all other low frequency feelings such as anguish, anger, envy, etc. come from. On the other hand, the feeling that connects me with the highest vibrational frequencies is love.

According to this premise, we are responsible for the life we ​​have and therefore, just as we were able to create it, we are able to modify it as we please and please. But it is not enough to desire it, it is necessary to feel it since the result of my creation will be the perfect reflection of the feeling that goes through me at that moment.

How to Use the Pineal Gland to Activate Your Creativity?

“When we talk about activation we are not referring to hypnosis, much less ingesting any substance,” explains Federico. It is in the essence of the spiritual movements of humanity that the keys to achieving it have been delivered, through rituals, techniques and meditations. It is an internal process that allows in a simple and easy way to re-ignite the pineal circuit in a beneficial and risk-free way.

How to Activate the Pineal Gland Naturally?

There are various methods to activate this gland. Different exercises can be carried out, among which are the following:

  • Yoga
  • Relaxation exercises or calm activities such as listening to soft music and/or taking relaxing baths.
  • Visualization exercises

Visualization Exercise

Next, we share with you an exercise that you can do at home with the Alkymia method.

  1. Sit in a chair, with your back straight, and order your muscles to give in at once, releasing themselves to the Earth’s gravity. Bring your attention to the pineal gland and command it to light up. Visualize it as a sphere of light that illuminates both cerebral hemispheres.
  2. Visualize how this light expands, so much so that, through those rays that come out above your head, you go to meet the rainbow rays that come from the Source, Father/Mother or Archetype One, and you connect with the Source.
  3. I received your Light-Love, which manifests itself in two of the rays: pink and yellow. They go down to the heart center and anchor, forming an expanding sun that radiates in those two colors. When you inhale, they come from the heart center to you, and when you exhale you radiate it to everything else. You can cover the entire planet if you want. You activated a network of connection to your Father-Mother, displacing the human, to make room for your divinity that is beginning to awaken. A feeling of love floods you.
  4. The rainbow rays that come from the Source pass through your arms and come out through your fingertips, like long colored rays, which you can send wherever you want.
  5. Now you will feel how an electric violet spiral surrounds you dizzyingly from your feet to above your head. You experience sensations of peace, harmony and absence of limitations. It is your free and harmonious being-energy ready for the experience of co-creating with the Source.
  6. Order to reintensify the luminosity of the pineal gland, which now expands towards the pituitary gland, which will open like a flower of light, until you feel that they have merged into a single network of light. This will give way to a light triangulation that is the entry portal to the fields of higher creation.
  7. You will feel the rainbow rays emerge from the center of the flower of light. They surround you and through them you ascend to the fields of higher creation. Remember to keep your attention on the Source and the feeling of love radiating throughout the creative act. It is time to begin to co-create, to manifest dreams and desires with the power of feeling and thought that were elevated to the perfection of the Source.