The Smart Solar Box by Ryan Tanner

Some years ago I bought the Smart Solar Box for my home use. I thought it would be like other solar panels. But it was different, in fact it was more than I expected. Then I was told I could build it myself. So I decided to enquire about how I could build one of this magnificent product. Then I contacted Ryan Tanner.

Ryan Tanner is a 52 years-old mechanic, in our interaction he explained what made him to embark on the journey to developing this wonderful solar box. He said the product is not something that anyone has not heard about before, but it is a similar product that many people have been using in their homes but inefficiently and very expensive.

He wanted people to use a solar power that is efficient and less expensive. So he embarked on the journey to produce the Smart Solar Box. He gave me video where he teaches people how to build the Smart Solar Box for just $25 usd. Now I am using the very one I built myself. From my experience I think the product is really efficient. If well used like a do it can cut down over 70% of electricity bill. That’s not bad savings at all.

I would like you to know more about this product, and probably purchase one or perhaps learn how to build it yourself.

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All About Smart Solar Box

Smart Solar Box is a solar power plant that is fixed in a tool box. You can use Smart Solar Box to power your garage, your fridge, electric doors, alarm systems, and other tools that requires electricity.

It doesn’t take much time, energy and space to assemble the components. And you can disassemble them and put them in your garage anytime you want.

Ryan Tanner is also open to teaching people how to build the Smart Solar box by themselves. The Smart Solar Box is available in digital format, as videos that you can watch (and re-watch) or download as many times as you like. Anyone who is interested can learn from his video CDs to know how to build it.

The Difference between the Smart Solar Box and Other Solar Power

Other Solar panel needs an external inverter to make it work, but Smart Solar Box does not need an external inverter to work. It has an inbuilt inverter in the box.

The Smart Solar Box has an inbuilt batteries that saves power for future use. It is a perfect backup generator. And it takes a very long time before the battery can drop even a half percent. One charge per battery can give you 18 to 20 hours electricity.

Portability and Versatility

The Smart Solar Box is a power box that is extremely portable: It doesn’t take much time, energy and space to assemble and disassemble the components.

You can carry it along whenever and wherever you want to go. Whether you want to go for camping, fishing and some other outdoor activities that requires the use of power.

The Smart Solar Box is very cheap to build, this makes the product extremely low in cost. You can get the Smart Solar Box program manual for as low as $39.69 USD. Trust me, the smart Solar Box is a perfect product all categories of families. You don’t have to be very rich to have one. This is a perfect energy for the upper-class, middle-class, and the lower-class.

The product will help you cut down a huge amount of your electricity bills. If well used it can cut down over 70% of your electricity bill. You can also produce yourself with less than $240 USD, program manual inclusive.

What Environment Is The Best To Use The Smart Solar Box?

The Smart Solar Box can be used anywhere and can be used to power anything including your house, your garage, your fridge, AC unit, electric doors, alarm systems, radios, computers, TVs, and other tools and appliances that requires electricity.

The Smart Solar Box is perfect to use in any situation including in winter time, snow time, hail storm time, and even in disaster situation when all electricity is down and you need electricity to preserve your food in the refrigerator.


Culturally it is believed that solar energy works only when there is sun. But this new technology has changed that culture. With smart solar box you are sure to have power even in a cloudy environment.Solar energy panels are usually very expensive, because they are usually associated with high production cost. But the smart Solar Box is very cheap to build, this makes the Smart Solar Box very less expensive to buy. And will you want to buy it when you can learn how to build it yourself from Ryan? Definitely not.Smart Solar Box is portable, versatile, and very light to carry to wherever you want to go. And it is legal. No law prohibits its use.Also, your purchase of “Smart Sola Box” is fully covered by my, “Ironclad No Question Ask Money Back Guarantee” that will last for the period of 60 days. If you are not satisfied about the product, or if the product does not meet your expectations, you will just send an email your money is refunded.


Would one really prefer to commit his/herself to learning how to build the smart solar box, rather than going for the conventional already made solar powers in the market? Well, I can’t tell. But learning how to build the Smart Solar Box could be time consuming, even energy and resources consuming.Like other Solar panels, the Smart Solar box can pose a great danger if not well learned on how to build and installed it. It then becomes an issue for anyone who purchases the smart Solar Box and could not understand how to build and install it.Therefore, for one to be sure that it is fixed properly, he/she must have to undergo the rigorous process of learning to build it. And where it becomes difficult for that person, he then have the only option of seeking for the services of an expert in the installation of Smart Solar Panel. This will definitely make that person to incur addition cost.

The Verdict

Many people are in dare need of electricity but only few people are aware of this product. And probably you are one of those few people. So grab this opportunity and break away from paying excessive electricity bills.

Smart Solar Box unlike any other Solar power, is the most efficient and inexpensive product. A product that does not have huge installation and maintenance cost.
If you purchase Smart Solar Box your winter, snow, and hail storm nightmares will be over. And if you want to learn how to build it yourself that is perfect. Because you are sure of having a constant electricity. So, how much is it worth to you to literally save 68% on electricity bills for life?


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