The Hypothyroidism Solution Review

The Hypothyroidism Solution is an online four-week healing program that teaches you how to make simple changes in your gut, diet, environment, and stress levels to eliminate hypothyroidism naturally and permanently. Natural health experts have concluded that hypothyroidism is actually the symptom of inflammation, as opposed to being the disease. As such, by treating inflammation, you can treat and eliminate hypothyroidism and that’s exactly what The Hypothyroidism Solution teaches you how to do. It’s 100% safe and natural program that teaches you how to eliminate the problem and all of the frustrating symptoms that are associated with hypothyroidism, such as weight gain, poor skin and hair health, depression, disrupted menstrual cycles in women, aching joints, chronic exhaustion, and more. There’s no need to eat weird foods or do weird rituals, nor do you have to use expensive supplements, do intense cardio workouts or count calories either. Instead, the four-week healing plans are all about making simple changes that tackle the root cause and main contributing factors of hypothyroidism.

What is The Hypothyroidism Solution?

Hypothyroidism is something that affects 50% of people but most people have no idea because most of us have no idea what our thyroid does. Put simply, hypothyroidism (an under-active thyroid) means that your thyroid isn’t producing the hormones your body needs to function properly. These hormones directly affect everything from how you gain weight, how you lose weight, the speed of your heart beat, how deeply you breathe, your cholesterol levels, your body temperature, and much more. As a result, many issues are actually a thyroid problem, which means many people are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

The Hypothyroidism Solution is an online four-week program that provides you with an abundance of valuable information about your thyroid and how it’s affecting your health and producing all types of symptoms that you likely had no idea were linked to your thyroid. It comes with an abundance of valuable information, making it a comprehensive program that’s broken down into a four-part series for an easy and enjoyable experience:

  • Part 1: Getting to Know Your Thyroid
  • Part 2: Autoimmune – Your Body Under Attack
  • Part 3: Hypothyroidism: Causes and Solutions
  • Part 4: Your 4-Week Thyroid Healing Plan

Then, you receive a four-week healing regime that teaches you simple changes to make in your diet, stress, environment and gut to:

  1. Eliminate the toxins in your body so it can function properly
  2. Relaxing the immune system
  3. End chronic inflammation
  4. Switch your thyroid back on to get the hormones it needs

And everything you need to do those steps comes right in The Hypothyroidism Solution. This includes easy step-by-step instructions, recipes, food lists, food diaries, supplement guides, stress management strategies, mental health activities, and much more. The program is 100% safe and natural and can be used by anyone who has a thyroid condition or who thinks that their symptoms could very well be linked to their thyroid. Spoiler alert: This program helps you determine if your symptoms are, in fact, stemming from your thyroid.

The really great thing is that you can start tackling your symptoms at their source right away as you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase. You just sign in and download the content right onto your laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. This ensures quick, easy and convenient access wherever you go, which is great for when you’re traveling even if it’s just to the grocery store.

Now, if you aren’t sure you have a thyroid issue, you can see how this natural healing regime works for you risk-free for two months as it comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. And since everything you learn promotes optimal health as a whole, it can’t hurt.

How Does The Hypothyroidism Solution Book Work?

Generally, hormones known as T3 and T4 are what regulate metabolism. This means that they regulate several body functions – including how fast the heart beats, how deeply one breathes, their body temperature, and even their cholesterol levels.

This ultimately means that with poor T3 and T4 control – in other words, an underactive thyroid – one experiences a host of health issues – including weight gain, depression, poor skin and hair health, and even joint pain, just to mention a few. However, simply making up for low T3 and T4 levels in the body alone is not enough.

One wants to tackle the root cause of the problem. Sure, Hypothyroidism may be caused by the lack of sufficient iodine levels in the body – however, there must be a root cause to this as well. According to the Hypothyroidism Solution official site, the disease is primarily caused by inflammation.

Typically, the body’s immune system is responsible for removing excess toxins from the body. These toxins swarmthe body through a host of controllable and uncontrollable such as the food one eats, chemicals one uses such as household cleaners, and even the environment they are in.

The body’s immune system tackles the toxins by releasing inflammatory cells. These inflammatory cells are what causes inflammation in the body. The inflammatory cells come in the form of blood liquids and substances. In fact, they are what one observes when they experience an insect bite or scratch – the heat, redness, and swelling are all the results of the inflammatory cells in action when working to fix the wound and fight the risk of infections.

When the healing is done, the system relaxes, recuperates, and is ready for the nest fight. The problem arises when the body is exposed to more toxins than the immune system can handle. This, in turn, distorts the system’s regular functioning – resulting in inflammatory cells being sent everywhere in the body and attacking even healthy body tissues.

Due to this, the body experiences an immune system disorder – which leads to an autoimmune disease. Depending on which part of the body is attacked – different diseases may arise. For example, if the immune system attacks the joints and connective tissue, one may suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. If it attacks the pancreas, they suffer from diabetes.

If the immune system attacks, the thyroid cells, one suffers from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. However, the problem is that whilst one can avoid toxins to a certain degree, it is impossible to avoid them altogether. The site further claims that whilst immune depressants may help to eliminate the symptoms of Hypothyroidism, they may eventually have a negative effect on the immune system – leaving it more susceptible to other attacks.

Using the Hypothyroidism Solution helps to prevent this from happening. The best part about the program is that it doesn’t use any toxic drugs or require any invasive procedure.

What You’ll Learn in The Hypothyroidism Solution

The Hypothyroidism Solution is a comprehensive four-week healing program that teaches you how to eliminate thyroid issues naturally, effectively, and permanently by getting rid of the root cause of your symptoms, which is inflammation. The program is separated into four parts, which are:

  • Part 1: Getting to Know Your Thyroid
  • Part 2: Autoimmune – Your Body Under Attack
  • Part 3: Hypothyroidism: Causes and Solutions
  • Part 4: Your 4-Week Thyroid Healing Plan

The first three parts of the program is where you learn the foundation of the program, including incredible information that teaches you about your thyroid, the causes, concerns, symptoms, and much more. The final part is the healing regime, which is broken down weekly for four-weeks to provide you with a comprehensive healing regime. It comes with simple, step-by-step instructions, recipes, food lists, food diaries, and much more, so you can follow along easily.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from the program as a whole:

Part 1: Getting to Know Your Thyroid

  1. The Thyroid – Where, What, How and Why?
  2. The Cycle of Thyroid Hormones
  3. Parathyroid Glands
  4. Hypothyroidism – Primary, Secondary or Sub-Clinical?
  5. Symptoms of Hypothyroidism
  6. How Is Hypothyroidism Diagnosed?
  7. Causes of Hypothyroidism
  8. The Risks of Not Treating Hypothyroidism
  9. Treating Hypothyroidism with Medication
    1. T4 Medication
    2. T3 Medication
    3. T3 and T4 Medications

Part 2: Autoimmune – Your Body Under Attack

  1. A Modern Epidemic
  2. Acute Inflammation – A Quick, Time-Sensitive Response
  3. Chronic Inflammation – Healing Gone Wrong
  4. Are You Autoimmune?
  5. Principles of Immune-Healing Lifestyle

Part 3: Hypothyroidism: Causes and Solutions

  1. Your Microbiome and Hypothyroidism
    1. The Immune System’s Headquarters
    2. Leaky Gut
    3. Gut Bacteria – Your Immune System’s Little Helpers
    4. Dysbioisis – A Population Out of Balance
    5. What’s Harming Your Gut?
    6. Heal Your Gut
    7. Gut-Friendly Foods
    8. Gut-Healing Supplements
  2. Your Diet and Hypothyroidism
    1. Goitrogens
    2. Cruciferous Vegetables
    3. What about Soy?
    4. Do You Need to Give Up Coffee?
    5. Sugar, Blood Sugar, and Thyroid Problems
    6. Fats, Inflammation, and Your Thyroid
    7. Thyroid-Friendly Supplements
  3. Your Environment and Hypothyroidism
    1. Plastic
    2. Non-stick Surfaces
    3. Antibacterial Soaps and Household Cleaners
    4. Chlorine
    5. Parabens
    6. Detoxing Your Chemical Burden
  4. Stress and Hypothyroidism
    1. Stress-Busting Strategies
    2. Stress-Busting Supplements
    3. Reboot Your Sleep Cycle
    4. Transform Your Morning
    5. How to Meditate

Part 4: Your 4-Week Thyroid Healing Plan

  1. Week 1
  2. Week 2
  3. Week 3
  4. Week 4

Hypothyroid Healing Recipes

  1. Plant Sources of Protein
  2. Home-Grow Sprouts
  3. Making Nuts and Seeds Digestible
  4. Recipes
  5. Smoothies
  6. Salads
  7. Dressings
  8. Veggie Meals
  9. Stir-Fry
  10. Soups
  11. Healthy Snacks
  12. Better Grains
  13. Gut-Friendly Sides

Who is the Creator of The Hypothyroidism Solution?

Jodi Knapp is the creator of The Hypothyroidism Solution. She is a natural health practitioner who has helped hundreds of people overcome hypothyroidism naturally. Her approach is unique than what you’ll find from conventional medications, as it dives deep down into the root causes and main contributing factors of the disease so you can eliminate it once and for all.

The Hypothyroidism Solution Components

Jodi Knapp The Hypothyroidism Solution book comes with a wide range of information that guides one on how to tackle the disease. Through the program, one will understand, where most toxins come from, and how to reduce their exposure to them. Furthermore, the program will then smoothly transition the user to healthier habits to help restore their health.

Each step in the program works to impact the next step. For example, the first step is to get rid of the toxins, then, the next step is to relax the immune system, followed by eliminating chronic inflammation. Through these intricate steps, the program ensures that the user fully tackles the entire problem rather than just addressing the symptoms.

Whilst the program prescribes healthy foods – it doesn’t do so like any other program. One doesn’t have to worry that this program will be like all the other unrealistic preexisting programs – it doesn’t contain a series of strict diets that are time-consuming and difficult to stick to.

In fact, they may not even have to significantly alter their lives. It’s all about eating what is good for the body. One will learn that even the foods they consider” healthy” may not exactly be best for their bodies.

Plus, to make it easy for the user each food prescribed in the program is readily available at the local supermarkets. Ultimately, the easy-to-follow program will help one develop this change into a sustainable habit – ensuring that one leads a healthy life.

According to the official site, the program follows a 4-week plan and should have one experiencing the changes as early as in the first week. Since each week builds up from the other, one will continue to experience these changes and improvements every week.

However, this shouldn’t be the standard for everyone. After all, people have different bodies, that work differently. Thus, whilst some may experience changes as early as the first week, others may begin to experience changes after 28 days.

Furthermore, the program creator guarantees the 80/20 rule. This means that the program allows some leeway – allowing one to do it right by 80% and leaving the remaining 20% to the body.

Learn more about the science behind The Hypothyroidism Solution

Who is The Hypothyroidism Solution for?

It is also a good idea to check who the program is really for and who can benefit the most here.

In this section this is what I will be doing so that you will know.

This program is mainly for people who have had unexplained weight gain after trying so many solutions.

The program is also for people who have been diagnosed with hypothyroid disease and have either not found a solution or have not been able or willing to pay the doctors consultations.

If you are a person who is willing to wait for results and see the long term effects then this program is definitely for you.

If you are wanting a quick fix unfortunately this is not the right program for you. You are better off going to get prescription drugs.

But just bear in mind that they will come with side effects like normal which is what this program does not have.

The Verdict

The Hypothyroidism Solution teaches you a simple, natural program that teaches you how to address a potential thyroid problem so you can restore balance and eliminate the horrible symptoms you’re experiencing. It can be used by anyone and it’s easy to do, as it’s all about making small, gradual changes. It even comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free.

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