The Arthritis Strategy Review: Blue Heron Health Shelly Manning

Do you feel like you’ve been stripped of your independence? Does the thought of possibly doing less than you are used to impacting your mental and emotional health? Living with arthritis is no simple task, as individuals are known to experience joint pain and stiffness, both of which only appear to worsen with age.

As explained by the Mayo Clinic, arthritis often leads to damage in cartilage, the component that protects bones. To date, several types have flourished, but in general, it is the immune system’s attack on the joints and its lining that causes such gruesome pain [1]. Given the unique types known to society, treatments also vary accordingly.

Despite it all, natural health practitioner Shelly Manning insists that she has the solution to reverse the effects of arthritis and the condition itself. Interestingly, her approach entails making little adjustments that go a long way. Without further ado, here’s everything there is to know on “The Arthritis Strategy”.

What is The Arthritis Strategy?

The Arthritis Strategy is the 21-day step-by-step strategy created with natural methods to treat all types of arthritis. The creator is Shelly Manning, who involves the effective steps based on 47 scientific studies and secrets from southeast Asia and the Blue Heron Health News company. It makes your joints a well-oiled machine and allows you to jump and move freely without any pain. The program helps you to treat arthritis successfully and supports any users regardless of age, gender, or severity of the problem. There are natural methods included to prevent arthritis without any prescribed medicine or restrictive diets.

The strain on the knee joints might lead to severe pain resulting in rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis even in the early forties. It gives you torture with severe pain and stops you from moving. The cause can be aging, inflammation, muscle and joint strain, diabetes, and even obesity. Also, the genetic issue, the western lifestyle are the primary causes that lead to arthritis. Thus, The Arthritis Strategy was created with the concept of herbal mix used in southeast China. The nutritional properties and the ingredients used in the mix helps you to lower the stiffness and soreness in the joints.

However, the truth is that many of these diseases are linked to modern, westernized diets. The foods we consume have become infused with all types of hormones, chemicals, toxins, and preservatives.

Many of these ingredients have a lasting effect on your emotional, mental, and physical health. And this is not forgetting your ligaments, muscles, and joints. The purpose of this guide is to assist you in making suitable adjustments to your diet.

The adjustments will enable you to eliminate all the harmful ingredients that are causing you to experience joint pain and other related symptoms. It provides an efficient way to tackle arthritis at its source instead of using modern medication to mask the symptoms.

In her program, Shelly focused on several tips to make it easier for you to get rid of arthritis once and for all. She has covered different topics such as:

  • Why the pain becomes worse during the cold winter months
  • Which vitamins are best for you
  • Exercises to perform when you are an arthritis sufferer

Various clinical studies and reports have supported all the information provided in the program. Links to these programs have also been included to allow you to check them out for yourself.

To make it more interesting, the program comes with a sixty-day money-back guarantee. It means you can try it out without exposing your finances to any undue risks. The best part is that the information has been compiled into an effective 21-day action plan.

The Brains Behind The Arthritis Strategy

Shelly Manning is the author of The Arthritis Step By Step Strategy. She is a practitioner and a former arthritis patient. She discovered how to organically defeat the illness by following the regimen that you will learn about in this program. Shelley has assisted hundreds of individuals in treating different kinds of pain permanently and organically by concentrating on natural methods to address the underlying problem. This program is the culmination of Shelly’s 30-year career doing research and interviewing physicians across the United States, Asia, and Europe.

How Does The Arthritis Strategy Program Work?

The Arthritis Strategy is created as the 21-day strategy as a daily session to help you get rid of arthritis. It may be to cut out one ingredient of food and add in one type of vitamin or exercise for three minutes. It can make a significant change in pain and flexibility with the minor modifications included. You can find everything in the local supermarkets to heal your arthritis and some in your kitchen stuff.

The Arthritis Strategy system includes the efficient three-step strategy that can support you to stop arthritis.

  • Relieves pain and stiffness.
  • Fixes the underlying cause of arthritis.
  • Rebuilds the damaged joints.

What Will You Learn Inside The Arthritis Strategy?

The Arthritis Step By Step Strategy is a comprehensive program that teaches you how to eliminate all types of arthritis naturally and permanently by making simple adjustments in your diet (and a few in your lifestyle). It comes with an abundance of valuable information that teaches you the scientific evidence supporting the regime, so you know what’s going on in your body and how this system can help. Then, it puts everything you’ve learned into actionable steps you can take in each chapter.

The program is designed to help you form new, healthy habits that tackle your arthritis at the root cause in less than 21-days. By the end of the regime, you’ll know exactly what to do moving forward to continue feeling and living pain-free.

And it’s simple! The program comes complete with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, recipes, ancient Asian remedies that have worked for hundreds of years, exercises and more. It even comes with at-home tests to learn the type of arthritis you have, how to calculate your inflammation to find your strengths and weaknesses, food lists, supplement recommendations, and much more.

Here’s a sneak peek at the table of contents:

  1. How I Beat the Most Common Disease in America Without Drugs
  2. A Little Word Called “Arthritis”: What It Is, What It Does, and Why Nothing Has Worked So Far
  3. How Inflammation Causes Arthritis
  4. What a Moose Taught Scientists that the Chinese Knew For Centuries
  5. Arthritis Cure in a Pill? Which Vitamins Are a Must
  6. Omega-3 Fats – Your New Best Friend and Arthritis’ Worst Enemy
  7. Superfoods That Drop Inflammation and Destroy Arthritis
  8. Lose Weight to Lose Arthritis
  9. Exercising With Arthritis… It’s Possible
  10. Yoga and Thai Chi for Arthritis
  11. Everything Under The Rising Sun – Ancient Asian Arthritis Cures That Work Today
  12. Action Steps (21 Days)
  13. Wrapping Up
  14. Blue Heron Health Guide to Heal Arthritis 21-Day Plan
  15. Bibliography

Benefits Of The Arthritis Strategy Program

A brief look into everything that this program offers shows that it can be truly advantageous to any person with arthritis. While many benefits are obvious, I would like to mention some of the favorites.

It helps to know that there is a natural healing option available to help address the root cause of this condition. Knowing the pain triggers makes it easy for a sufferer to seek long-term relief instead of relying on expensive arthritis treatments.

Remember that these are treatments that only address the symptoms and fail to treat the condition.

Another aspect I liked about this guide is that it has been prepared as a step-by-step guide. You don’t have to worry about spending countless hours researching the facts and studies mentioned in it.

Given that it’s a digital copy, it means you don’t have to worry about forgoing some of the steps when traveling or when away at work. You can easily follow its guidance and recommendations wherever you are.

It also helps to know that all the information used in its preparation is backed by well-documented scientific research. Clinical studies and reports have been included in the guide to help you better understand the recommendations advanced by the author.

Pros & Cons Of The Arthritis Strategy eBook


  • Shelly recommends simple exercises and diet plan that you can follow at home. You don’t need expensive equipment for exercises
  • All the exercises and diet recommended are clinically tested and proven to be effective at reducing pain and inflammation
  • Since it addresses the root cause of arthritis, you are likely to get long-term help from pain
  • The Arthritis Strategy comes in PDF, which makes it portable. You can read it even when traveling
  • It is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means your Investment is safe


  • This program can only be downloaded on your smart device after buying it online.
  • It does not include any pills or drugs as it is based on alternative practices of healing.
  • The price of this program is a bit higher than medical help used regularly.

Is It Useful To Follow This Program?

Yes, it is useful to follow this program in many ways like:

It has enabled Manning to help thousands of patients all over the world suffering from arthritis by curing them completely. Most of them were not having any effective results even after consuming pills prescribed by the doctors providing them medical help. After following this program some of them have noticed positive results within a few hours.

The eBook includes a complete help plan as it help arthritis by working on its root cause. It focuses on the reasons for the problem that are affecting the lifestyle of the patients and decides to solve the problems by changing their habits unlike conventional ways of medicinal help.

The program allows the patients to live a happy and healthy life even if they could not care it by using various other help. It will help you in curing your problem in 21 days if start following the instructions provided in it.

The Arthritis Strategy Price and Money-Back Guarantee

The Arthritis Strategy is the exclusive program made to combat arthritis and stop the pain that you experience in your life. The creator has made the system affordable with a one-time purchase for just $49 without any repeated cost, subscription fee, renewal fee, or any drugs or treatments.

You can order the program directly from the manufacturer and get full-time digital access with unlimited downloads. You can also get all updates free of charge, backed with a risk-free guarantee.

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How Long Do You Have To Wait Before You Can Expect From The Arthritis Strategy Program?

This program is designed to give you less stress and more energy once your arthritis is healed, but that is going to take some time. Shelley has described her protocol as requiring 30 days to complete, and that is the general guideline. Some members start feeling the results after a couple of days, while some can take slightly longer than that.

To make this program work for you, you will not need any prior medical knowledge because there is no jargon written in it. It is fully tested and proven by scientific research to work naturally and quickly. The foods included in the recipes can be purchased from supermarkets and grocery stores easily, so there should be no need to worry about whether you can acquire those foods.

Final Verdict

The Arthritis Strategy is exclusive arthritis combating program that helps you get rid of the arthritis issue and stops you from experiencing terrible pain. A simple and effective method is made that can provide the desired results effortlessly by making few adjustments. Thousands of positive user reviews back the results, and no negative customer complaints were reported. The 60-day refund policy ensures the protected purchase and no risks involved.

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