Text Your Ex Back Review

Text Your Ex Back is a good guide if you want to reconcile with your ex or even get her or him back into your life. The program author Michael Fiore offers advice and tips for all those who bear the burdens of memories from past relationships. The reader discovers the most efficient and effective way to reach out to their ex. There is no denying that love can be complicated. However, you do not need to complicate things even more by not using your sensibility and using your emotions instead.

Fiore’s program guides the reader into getting their ex back and after reconciliation, maintain a great relationship. This program shows the reader what to say to make your ex change their mind about breaking up with you. With the help of this useful program, many couples have successfully gotten back together again.

What Is Text Your Ex Back All About?

If you have never heard about Mike Fiore or his wonderful Text Your Ex Back program, then it is important that you first understand what it actually is.

It is actually a set of modules, audio files as well as videos created by Mike Fiore himself wherein he offers a comprehensive guide to understanding relationships. How to steer clear of problems, enhance the love and trust between the partners and also, how one can improve the chances of getting his/her ex back quite successfully and add a new spark to the same old relationship.

Being a relationship expert, Mike Fiore has a very deep understanding of what people usually think after a breakup. What they actually want, how they would react to a new proposal from their ex and so.

Naturally, the program not only helps you with a collection of magic texts that you can send to your ex to trigger his/her feelings for you. Also, offers you a step-by-step guide that can make your relationship stronger and fiercer than before.

To make it easy for the users, the program is not only available in downloadable, easy-to-read modules, but audios and videos as well that you can download and listen to or watch anytime you want.

Who Is Michael Fiore?

Michael Fiore is a celebrated relationship expert who has appeared in several television s

hows including the Rachel Ray Show. He has authored several self-help guides for men and women including Make Him Beg to be Your Boyfriend and Make Her Beg to be Your Girlfriend.

With a blunt yet funny approach, Michael Fiore is known to give his readers an honest perception of how they could turn their lives around. This book is no exception to the line of similar self-help guides the relationship guru has created. The Text Your Ex manual will help you get your ex back and give you some of the most concrete steps to strengthen your once foiled relationship.

Michael Fiore’s masterpiece revolves around psychology and how it can be used to win your ex-lover back. It aims to redirect disappointments, frustrations, and anger your ex previously felt and turn it into a feeling that necessitates reciprocity and love. His straightforward and honest approach makes Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back interesting to read.

What Will You Learn From Text Your Ex Back?

Text Your Ex Back is an intensive course with audio file and videos explaining how you can get your ex-lover back in your life. The program includes eleven modules of essential tips on how to get your ex back and making the new relationship count. Here’s a contextual overview of the eleven chapters.

Module 1 & 2: The Dumper and the Dumped –

This chapter introduces you to the topic and delves deeper into the reasons why your lover broke up with you. Scenarios are given allowing you to determine the real causes behind your ex broke up with you. Some of the presented reasons can be used when sending text messages to provide you with a full picture of what’s really going on.

Module 3: The Big Goal –

This module focuses on the real reasons why you want your ex back. It entails honesty which often gets tangled with your emotions. Knowing why you want your ex back will help to get him back successfully.

Module 4: The Flight Deck –

This chapter prepares you to start texting after conceiving the perfect plan. Michael Fiore devotes much attention in providing a step-by-step guide, so you know what to expect.

Module 5: Text Judo –

The concept behind this chapter is captivating because it talks about the framework that goes beyond texting and getting the relationship back. The author gives a breakdown of every stage including simple texting to the emotional honesty involved when renewing the relationship.

Module 6: Across the Bow –

Michael Fiore provides a master plan on how and when you should send your ex-lover text messages. He also details what you need to say to get the craving for your presence in their lives.

Module 7: Prepping the Soil –

Emotional connection plays a vital role in winning your ex back. This chapter teaches you about the positive associations that set the next phase of your relationship. It has a detailed guide, so you know the best ways to respond to their replies.

Module 8: The Green-Eyed Monster –

Rekindling the fire means sexually attracting your ex into a renewal. This chapter focuses on positively igniting jealousy to make your ex long for you and lure them into a positive relationship. When harnessed the right direction, jealousy can be a powerful force capable enough to get your ex back.

Module 9: Planting the Seeds –

Though a short chapter, this module gives you an idea on how to entrench the emotional connections which can be used to create a robust relationship.

Module 10: Reaping the Harvest –

Emotional honesty, persuasive texts, and physical contact all form part on the topics for this pre-closing chapter. It is an excellent guide to maintaining a good start.

Module 11: Texting Steady –

Rekindling the intimacy does not end with getting your ex back. It is a steady process forged by making the communication flow. The final chapter includes success stories you can learn from. Michael Fiore also ensures you learned the lessons he outlined with these encouraging stories so you can keep a happy relationship together.

Why Choose Text Your Ex Back?

The Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back program is not simply a list of text message examples you can send to your ex.  It is a comprehensive relationship repair program that provides excellent insight into human psychology and will give you the tools necessary to create a successful, healthy connection with your ex following a breakup.

The secret lies not only in the carefully crafted text messages designed to get your ex to pay attention to you again, but also in giving you a deeper understanding of why your relationship ended in the first place, identifying why you want your partner back, and what will need to change to make your new relationship stronger and better in the future.

  • The course is presented in a straightforward and methodical way.  The combination of video, text, and audio makes it very easy to understand.  Also, the program is equally effective for both sexes and regardless of whether you were the dumper or the dumped.
  • While designed specifically for text messaging, the strategies and messages contained in the program will work on other platforms such as online instant messaging or email.  So if you don’t own a cell phone or your ex doesn’t like to text, this program can still be equally effective using other forms of technology.
  • The mp3 audio file which accompanies each module is a spoken version of the printed contents which is ideal for those people who would prefer to download the audio and listen to it on their way to work or at the gym, or those who find it easier and quicker to digest spoken words rather than written ones.
  • The private member’s area and Text Your Ex Back dashboard allow you to login and access your materials directly online or download them to your computer and other devices.  The member’s area contains a comments feature for each separate module which permits you and other members to interact with one another, ask questions, obtain advice and feedback on texts, and mutually support one another through your journey to reconnect with your ex-partners.

This area is completely private and only available to members who have purchased Text Your Ex Back and who are going through the exact same experience of trying to reconnect with an ex.  Breakups are hard and can often become an emotional roller coaster.  The mutual support from other members as well as Michael Fiore and his staff is a priceless resource that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Buyers should feel confident knowing they are using a program designed by a successful relationship expert.  Michael Fiore is widely respected in his field and has helped over 100,000 couples improve their relationships.
  • There are no ongoing costs associated with the program.  Lifetime updates and access is provided to the private member’s area for one low up-front fee. The most current version of the program is Text Your Ex Back 2.0.
  • A no questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee comes standard with the program.  For most relationship situations, noticeable results should be achieved well within that time-frame which eliminates any risk in purchasing the program. An immediate refund is available should it not be considered suitable for any reason.


Text Your Ex Back – Video Preview for both Men and Women

Not only does the Text Your Ex Back program tells you how to get back your lost love via emotional text messages, it also offers other bonuses too:

First of all, you get free access to 100 emotional and romantic text messages that imbue positive feelings in your ex and pave the way for a renewed relationship.

Additionally, it comes with 3 bonuses that can be of help to you:

Infidelity Buster – A book that can help you stop your partner from cheating and get back your happy relationship.

Instant Forgiveness – A book that helps you stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Facebook Romance – Explaining a common modern-day technique to bring back the romance to your relationship.


  • The course comes with a step-by-step guide and easy to understand concepts.
  • The texts and examples are particular.
  • The eBook is full of examples you can learn from.
  • Teaches you the value of forgiveness and how to ask for one without feeling pathetic or miserable.
  • Helps you understand the emotional side of the opposite sex.
  • Realistic theories that often comes from personal experiences of the author.
  • Helps turn your negative emotions into a positive one so you can bring your ex back.
  • Does not just work on making a new relationship with your ex, but also to keep it stronger.
  • The whole course provides value for money.
  • Comes with a 30-day No Contract and No Obligation Rule
  • The concept behind the system will also work for the LGBTQ community.
  • Member’s page provides support for the community.


  • Results can be dependent on situational variances as relationships face different
  • Self-evaluation and motivation are needed for a positive outcome.
  • This program can only be useful if you are honest to yourself and your personal evaluations.
  • No expert guides you to self-discovery and realization of past relationship mistakes.
  • No professional aid included which means you have to read the eBook and watch videos at your own pace.
  • Some of the texts presented by the author cannot be relevantly applied to everyone.
  • Complementary methods which would be useful to a specific scenario are overshadowed by the author’s broad ideas.
  • Modules are given out one by one and not together which can often be annoying to some people.
  • The comments section for members take time to load, and you have to wait for minutes to read the recent ones.
  • One-time bonus only appears after checkout which means it is completely gone if you miss it.


If you think that a failed relationship is doomed forever, this eBook will change your mindset. It presents a revolutionary way of improving your emotional connection with the use of technology and making it work the second or third time around. One of the good things which make this online course worth learning is it comes from a celebrated relationship expert.

Michael is featured in several shows, and his work encompasses more than just bringing your ex back in your life but proving to make a good love affair. Though the concept behind Text Your Ex Back is original in some ways, it nevertheless, has limitations when circumstances surrounding a relationship is considered.

Michael Fiore’s theory may work for some, and it may not work for others. You have to determine the gravity and degree of relationship to know if the program will work for you. But more than that, we think this eBook and online course is a complete eye-opener.

The program forces you to think about your past mistakes so you can act on them and change for the better. This eBook has a great concept and takes motivation and perseverance to win back your ex’s love.

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