Saving Energy On Laundry Day

On the International Day of Energy Saving, an important vademecum. From Samsung’s eco-sustainable initiatives for 2022 to tips for low consumption laundry

On the occasion of the International Day of Energy Saving, which is celebrated on February 18, Samsung Electronics is the spokesperson and promoter of a green commitment that affects the daily life of all of us.

In fact, if the company, on the occasion of CES 2022, presented a series of initiatives on sustainability that will accelerate the development of increasingly environmentally friendly household appliances. On the other hand, it already offers products on the market that reduce energy consumption in everyday life. Thanks to the intelligent washing line Ai Control by Samsung, in fact, even doing laundry can be greener, with the help of technologies that allow you to reduce energy consumption without compromising performance.

With Samsung technology, a few precautions are enough to protect the environment and your wallet

First Classes Only

Choose washing machines with A/B energy labels certified by the European Commission. These are rigorous certifications that have been assigned to 76% of Samsung’s washing products (39% of which are marked are in class A, like the entire Ai Control washing line up).

Cut Down On Energy Waste

With Samsung’s exclusive Ecolavaggio® technology, which dissolves the detergent first, making it penetrate 40 times faster in the fibers, it is possible to remove the most stubborn dirt already at 15 °, saving up to 70% of energy.

Less Is More

Did you know that washing your laundry at 30 ° C uses 60% less energy than washing your laundry at 60 ° C? And that, if the European population reduced the average temperature of their laundry by just 3 ° C, it would reduce emissions by an amount equivalent to those produced by around 700,000 cars.

Doses Water And Detergent

Thanks to the Al Wash function, Samsung uses four sensors to detect the weight of the load and calculate the amount of water and detergent needed. Thanks to the turbidity sensor, it also measures the level of dirt during washing, possibly adding detergent only when necessary, avoiding waste.

Choose Shorter Wash Cycles

Samsung QuickDrive ™ technology, thanks to its exclusive Q-Drum, with double movement of the basket, saves up to 20% more energy with impeccable results in half the time!

Get Advice From An Expert

Connect your Samsung smart washing machine to SmartThings, the paradigm of the Samsung connected home, to access the Laundry Recipe, which suggests the best cycle for the load according to your needs, depending on the colors, type of fabrics and degree of soiling.