Cinderella Solution Review – Is it the Best Women Weight Loss Program?

Let’s face it, trying to lose weight once you’ve hit 30 years old is no easy task. To make matters worse, several studies have shown that women have a harder time losing weight than men.

While there’s no shortage of diet plans and tips out there, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that’s designed for the unique needs of a woman’s body.

Sure, you could try counting your calories or going on an extreme workout plan. But, those techniques aren’t addressing the root cause of weight gain. Not only that, but most of those short-term methods aren’t going to provide you with the lasting results that you’re after.

To successfully lose weight in your 30s and beyond, you need to consider how your body has changed over time and what you can do to make improvements. That’s where the Cinderella Solution diet comes in.

Cinderella Solution is a unique diet plan that’s specifically designed for women over the age of 30 who want to lose more than 10 pounds. Unlike other diet plans you might encounter, this one is completely safe and natural. That’s because it relies on your own body to see results.

Rather than focusing on the same old methodologies, Cinderella Solutions is all about making internal changes to improve your metabolism and change the way your body reacts to the foods that you eat.

Cinderella Solution Review

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What Is Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution is a step by step weight loss system that offers an easy to start and simple to follow cure using Flavor-Pairing rituals that hit the “reset switch” of the 3 fat-burning hormones: Insulin, Cortisol and Estrogen. As women age, they experience I.C.E Dysfunction. The 3 fat burning hormones are most effective when women are younger but as women age, they reduced in number and work less making it harder to lose weight.

It is a downloadable product and can be accessed in seconds in any device, like your laptop, personal computer, tablets and phones.

This system is exclusively designed for women over 25 years of age who find themselves struggling with losing weight not knowing that it is the effect of a hormonal transition that occurs between puberty and menopause which essentially destroys and affects female metabolism.

Now, you can bring back the body you once had and boost your confidence along with it while living a healthy and happy life with your family.

Who is the Creator of Cinderella Solution?

Carly Donovan, a fitness instructor, is the creator of The Cinderella Solution System. On her website, she describes herself as a “busy mom,” and a “female fat-loss specialist.”

She came up with The Cinderella Solution System after losing weight and then gaining it back several times.

Donovan reached her breaking point one day after she led a fitness class at her local gym. Despite her level of activity, her weight loss was slow.

She went into the bathroom and overheard two of her students mentioning that they couldn’t believe that she was a fitness coach because she didn’t have a toned stomach. Shortly after that, Donovan took a routine blood test at her doctor’s office.

The results stated that she had developed diabetes due to the fact that she was 100 pounds overweight. So much for her current weight loss plan! On her way home from the doctor’s, a neighbor congratulated her, thinking that she was pregnant.

That was Donovan’s breaking point. She developed her weight loss and exercise plan shortly after that, calling it The Cinderella Solution System.

What Does The Program Consist Of?

Now that we’ve taken a look at the program’s overview and its creator let’s dive into the specifics of the Cinderella Solution. The central manual of this program contains four distinct parts.

Part One: The Cinderella Solution Explained

This part of the program begins with a basic introduction of the program and how you can best start your journey. The next chapter contains information regarding pairing foods based on flavour profiles as well as the right time for you to nourish your body. Details on slim-sequencing exercises follow this chapter. You also get the two critical phases of the program known as Ignite and Launch in this first part.

Part Two: Your Daily Nutrition Blueprint

In the second part of the program, you’ll get 14-day calendars as well as daily meal-prep plans. These help you understand the best way to nourish your body and eat well for weight loss. Moreover, if you’re looking for innovative recipes, this part of the program is the right one for you.

Apart from meals and recipes, this part also has information on macro nutrition and food pairings. There is a wealth of information related to different food groups and the best corresponding food items. With this information, charting a meal plan that is full of flavour, yet useful for weight loss, becomes a lot easier.

Part Three: DIY Meals and Flavor-Pairing

The third part of The Cinderella Solution focuses on giving you an even more detailed set of information. This information is sure to aid in creating nutritionally rich, yet calorically low meals. Moreover, this phase helps with recipes that’ll take your Ignite and Launch phases into overdrive. You’ll also learn about things like portion options and portion blocks, which will help you make the right decisions related to your diet.

Part Four: Top 10 Flavor and Weight Loss Food Combinations

As the title suggests, the fourth part of the program focuses on giving information about food combos and flavorful ingredients to boost your weight loss journey. By this stage, you’ve been exposed to exhaustive information that makes sure you’re ready to take on the weight loss challenge and emerge victoriously.

What Will You Learn From Cinderella Solution?

There are quite a number of things that you get to learn from this program. Some of which include the:

  • You learn how to eat starch and carbohydrates with maintaining balance
  • How to target certain areas of the body for targeting weight loss
  • How a process called “movement sequencing” works out better than actual cardiovascular exercise.
  • You will get taught on why dessert is actually the best place for weight loss.
  • You will learn when are the right times to eat certain foods to maintain a healthy metabolism.
  • Get to know what time of day is the best time to drink alcohol without worsening the state of the user’s weight.
  • Again you will get some knowledge on the keys to lengthening life for up to 22% longer than the average lifespan.

How Does Cinderella Solution Work?

Eating and exercising can only do so much during your adulthood since the human metabolism is constantly slowing down as we age. In the absence of the right fat-burning ability, you can easily become a victim of your own body. But the Cinderella Solution™ could just be the perfect answer to this problem.

The program uses the ICE Dysfunction concept, which appreciates the fact that people have an imbalance of cortisol and estrogen. The imbalance of these hormones is felt most strongly after you have reached puberty, but just before menopause.

This affects the metabolic function of your body. But through the Cinderella System™, you can actually lose weight even after you go past puberty. The author used it to drop 84 pounds and so can you.

Who Would Benefit From This Program?

The Cinderella Solution was created for women of all ages. If you are a woman and you want to lose weight, this program could be right for you.

This Program Is Perfect For

  • Women who have attempted to lose weight in the traditional way with little to no success.
  • People who have lost weight but gained it back again.
  • Women who dislike counting calories.
  • People who want fast results.
  • People who do not want to commit to a long-term weight loss program.
  • Women who do not want to eat only vegetables.

Cinderella Solution Pros & Cons

As with every fitness program you can purchase online or otherwise, there are pros and cons.


  • Once you buy the guide you will get more books as bonuses and benefits that will fuel your weight loss.
  • The product is not only efficient but also effective. That is all that what it promises it highly delivers.
  • The guide is relatively cheap compared to other programs in the market.
  • The content offered by this system are well- written and in the best quality for one to easily understand.
  • The Cinderella solution offers you with the best and comprehensive meal plans and best recipes to help you through this process.


  • This solution is recommended only for women who want to lose weight.
  • The Cinderella Solution is available only online.
  • To get the desired results, you must follow instructions


Make the right choice by choosing the Cinderella solution as it is specially designed for the women above the age of 25 and who want to lose weight quickly and effectively.

It is a one-stop solution for your weight issues. Don’t waste your time, get the Cinderella solution to transform yourself within no time !

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